My Flamenco Journey 2024

This journey starts for reasons of stagnation and economics. Doing media production resulted to nothing and persisting on doing photography will end me with a 6 figure debt with a lot of cameras hanging around without any use. I rather save up money and do something else. I decided to go back to my guitar playing and travel the world, doing so I thought of going back to music school and pursue my classical guitar playing but for some reason it is not practical, I left music school for money reasons for they say it is a degree for the rich and privileged and as an adult it does now make sense.


I studied at University of Sto Thomas for Bachelor of Guitar Music Performance Arts under many teachers, Joseph Mirandilla, Manuel Cabrera and James Namit. Sadly the truth of it being a conservatory took me four years to understand. I left music school for the reasons of bad luck and paradigm dissonance, I am thinking of playing classical guitar, travelling the world and doing concertos but the reality of it is the question. Can I afford it? Not based on tuition fees but based on the purpose of a conservatory to conserve and preserve classical music all through out the world, a task for the rich and privileged truly. I bursted the bubble and took computer studies instead.

Imagine having a degree in music guitar performance arts and being called to Europe for a musical purpose and ending up not going due to your lack of money to fly and stay for 3 months to rehearse for a grand concert. As a filipino this is a hard fact. Sponsors usually help but will you sponsor a Latino Asian with a controversial background named ‘Belgica’ with a family reputation of taking out corruption in a corrupt country? Chances are slim. I can save up for these kinds of trips but that would be counter intuitive, how can you preserve something bigger than you when you yourself cannot move around the world at ease. The economics of a Musician from a Conservatory is to conserve and preserve and it costs money, they say if you can’t handle it buy an electric guitar instead. A painful situation that all Filipino musicians endure.


Why did I chose Flamenco and Spanish guitar? Looking for a genre to play as a 38 year old man, I thought of Flamenco for it is not that demanding for conservation and the pressure for it is not at levels of classical musicians, it is more of a Spanish cultural thing than a European agenda. I am now 3 months going for 4 months doing beginner pieces by Hochman from Newyork. I am enjoying for now. A hard style to play but worth the challenge of cumpas study. I always look at the movement of the universe, When a spanish guitar lands on your home then that could be a sign of playing it seriously. playing it with the left over essence of musical conservation triggered my music school gene and I figured that maybe this is a cheaper cause. A cause I can afford.


If all of this fails too due to Spanish politics and South American racism then all I have left is my devotion to Lord Shiva……… Bharata here I come……..

Life of a Yogi ………… That I predict to happen in the future……….. I see, feel and hear things in meditation when all of it is gone I know…………

Om Namah Shivayam…

In Yoga i am definitely more wealthy………

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