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Lemons and Fungus

Thinking of lemons with fungus is fun, I saw this inside our fridge. I took a photo for self amusement. “Fungus amongst us” is a

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Hennessy Cognac

When Alodia endorses something its too tempting to buy, so I did try this brand. I do not drink that much.  Hennessy Cognac

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Tanduay Rhum

It’s raining as of now and I think I am switching from Nikon to Panasonic due to emotional reasons. I have been using Nikon cameras

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X symbol Marlboro lights Cigarette

Youtube 2010 – 2021

I ended officially using Youtube even for video hosting it is too unhealthy for my brain. So back to taking photos of random things. Do

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MyPhone Vello Bracket Setup

Doing Mobile Photography with smartphones using Myphone Myxi1 Plus, sometimes lacks things like extra key light and the usage of bokeh effect with light so

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Meow Experience

With my Cousin hanging out at F Manalo street a kitty appeared. My cousing gesturing to get some photos and so… Hmmm this kitty looks

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Press Release Sep 28 2022

Date: Sep 28, 2022 This is Martin Belgica Photography Website as an entity representing Martin Joseph Belgica. I declare on the said date this document is published

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