Martin Belgica Photography

Could be a military or commercial plane. Red, Red, Red  and 3 Orange lights.


Composed of 2 photos, The pink flower and the Yellow flower, Focusing and taking the photo on both subject and layering both as a single image. Adding sharpness and color with some texturing using brushes I got the final image composition. 

Seeing in Angles

Composed of 2 photos the Corner ceiling and the angled floor created lines that evoked confusion aswell as harmony. Creating contrast with the light the clarity of textures is exposed.


Composed of 3 photos, the moon , the starry sky and our ceiling light. Taking hallucinogens in imaginary dosages you get the photo Alienships in Psycadelics natural. Compositing the photos using the rule of thirds made this photo look like an imaginary composition of a real event as like a UFO sighting or UFO invasion. They are watching.

Full Resolution of Photos  :
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