• The Metaphysics of Acquisition

    How do you acquire things or domains? Assets and property? It is a mental series of events. First a man desires to acquire and then it is mentally established inside the mind as possessed action. If not? it is mentally established as a construct of mind outside as to be possessed or to be taken.…

  • Mars and Sun Conjunction and Moon Saturn Nov 20, 2023

    I woke up late 3:44pm. I figured out let us check the sky map for something interesting. I took out my Sony Video camera and took some photos of the sky. I saw that there is a Sun and Mars alignment. I pointed the camera towards the position of the sun bad sadly I was…

  • The Magic Dick Vandalism

    When do kids start to think about sex? Walking towards the store this afternoon I saw this graffiti using chalk. It is quite fascinating to see how puberty is post perversion LOLS:) This level of erotic expression at an early age is a sign of evolving sexual paradigms. Seeing a dick photo or a dick…

  • Basic Imaging Going Back

    JUSTANOTHER POST Basic Imaging is Therapeutic Sometimes In the world today we may appreciate more the nostalgic, than the post modern imagery. Is my brain having a hard time adapting to Ai imaging? it is so fast. Ai is winning the processing game. We are losing but don’t lose hope we can still grow our…

  • Imaging and Slow Internet. What is Happening to the Metaverse Trend?

    What is happening to the Metaverse Trend? Tech and it’s problem with Hacking is a risk that most people like me do not want to invest money in. The ‘weary’ vibes is strong in todays digital web landscape. Owning digital assets registered as token assets or potential money bit is there but a risky investment.…

  • Celestial Initiation a Strict Sense of Karma

    Siddha Tradition, Jainism, Shivaism, bhairava Tantra and Students of Thirumantiram A message from a devotee. Namashkar Om shanti shanti. God ‘OM namah Shivaya’ guides. This afternoon as I sleep and do my default state of mind dhyanam. I felt the


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