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Imaging is the New Thing over Photography

Imaging is the New Thing over Photography

In time and space there is a distance, it covers the watcher and the observed, that distance is where photography happens. It can tell a story or even not a story but give a sense of space and experience, that was Photography. Now we are entering an new way of expression in terms of images and photography and that is Digital Imaging 2.0. A simple photo can now be something important incorporating processing techniques and filter technology you can create an art out of simple images.

A simple image like this can turn into something better, just introduce elements of digitization. Yes it is true that these techniques existed a long time ago but it was like for commercial purposes and for art use, it was kind of excluded to be considered ‘still’ photography. Years later around late in the decade entering 2020, image digitization became a thing and photographs became dominated by imaging techniques. Instragram invaded our minds, I wanted to say that. Publishing simple photographs no longer get the attention of the observer, the distance and space was too far, technology has beaten photography down to even near extinction.   

What was left of photographers was to adapt and survive the trend. Taking pure ‘ Straight’ Photography is still appreciated but most people prefer the packaged version of it. filters and augmentations of reality, the revenge of Pictorialism.

Photo manipulation became a multi-dimensional concept, rather than just imitating real life possibilities it went inside the computer and created improbable versions of a taken photograph. Do people like these types of photographs? The answer is yes, they love it. It is a form of escape from boring everyday life or a mere experience of the coming future, the ‘Big Transition’ .

Do you like what is coming? When softwares replaced red rooms and processing techniques are endless by code.

Nikon SB5100 @2022

SB5100 NIKON @2022

I took a photo with a Nikon compact point and shoot out of ‘Boredom’ and here is what I did with it.

Color fringes on the light or whites. Soy sauce looks cool though. I sensed I need to fix the utensil or fork.

Noticable Color Fringes
Lazy grey
More grey
Adding light

Increasing the colors of the rice and chicken and making it look as real as possible was my intention with a lot of lazy feelings. Then viola a chicken rice bowl with some layer of magic from a pop singer I do not know, who is filipino. (Who cares about that right?) Shemhamforash

Hello World 3.0

Hello World 3.0

Hello World its been 3 years since I first made this website, trying to make it worth something, from blogs, photos and imaging uploads, I can’t seem to find the right style that makes sense to people. Social Realism could be my go to genre but all I get is spam marketers, I don’t hate it, I do sales too, I gonna make that money.

Photography as an art has turned into imaging, Imaging has turned into NFT’s. Can we still sell photographs in todays time? All I wanna do now is get something out there that makes sense towards the future. Futuristic Social Realism?? Tech photos? It’s seems a blur.

#Gear talk???


I am not that much into gear. What I am thinking now as I type this with insects buzzing around me waiting to end their consistent screams and just to make this blog a wall of posts about my boring life same as last year. Having a concept is kinda hard to think about during this transitionary times of 2022.


I can’t even buy a new fast lens. That is what is up. A buzzing of insects that ends in intervals of time thinking of what material or image I should shoot. 2022 is #BLANK ☻☻