My Flamenco Journey 2024

This journey starts for reasons of stagnation and economics. Doing media production resulted to nothing and persisting on doing photography will end me with a 6 figure debt with a lot of cameras hanging around without any use. I rather...Read More

Relying on Language to Survive

What is the purpose of communication and language? Let us dive into its wanderings. こんにちわ わたし わ 生き延びる する. 元気 ますた。 Will you survive the Japanese world with your english alone? Or will nihongo save you from certain despair and confusion? 苦し. MIND IN...Read More

7 Churches Visit 2024

Annually we visit 7 churches to pray or relive the way of the cross, the sacrifice of Jesus christ. We always go to the same 7 churches same as last year disregarding Marist School Chapel, I planned to take photos...Read More

Light and Imagery Inversions

My last shoot using the studio. Starting march 2024 I will focus on my Yoga practice and do less photography for the website. Thinking of a topic to discuss concerning imaging is the magic inversion. It came to my mind...Read More

Contemplating the Mindstate of Lovecraft led to Lens layering

One afternoon during the humid weather in Asia, a magus contemplated the horrors of HP lovecraft. Cthulu whispers "I await my coming and so I sleep and dream." Looking forward in the dimensions of perceptions of giant men and flying...Read More

Reflectors Softer Light

Using Reflectors and 50w Bulbs. Reflectors How nice are reflectors? It is very nice. softens everything that hits the subject. I got a gold luminous reflector and I want it to be shown on a photo. and so I bring...Read More

Valentines Day Special Beatin Heartz Baby

Blender Art 2 hearts in........... This Gallery is inspired by the day of Valentines and so I must take some photos of things about valentines day. I saw some flowers on the table maybe for my sister or my mother...Read More