7 Churches Visit 2024

Annually we visit 7 churches to pray or relive the way of the cross, the sacrifice of Jesus christ. We always go to the same 7 churches same as last year disregarding Marist School Chapel, I planned to take photos...Read More

Ai against Man. A friendly Rivalry……

Looking on facebook I saw a page group that posts image processing content and I figured why not try it. The topic will be image restoration. Restoring image is not my thing but I do have enough knowledge about texture...Read More

Claimed Stone From Jupiter at Pinoy PawnStars worth $250 Million Dollars

Amazing Video from PinoyPawnstars A guy is selling a stone from Jupiter. He claims it is literaly from planet Jupiter. https://youtu.be/_N4yTBFrHBM Because of this video I tried to imagine what a stone from Jupiter might look like. Next Photo is...Read More
Martin Joseph Belgica Self portrait 3 Overexposed

Skin Color and Exposures

Skin Color and Light Martin Joseph Belgica Self Portrait 1 Martin Joseph Belgica Self Portrait 2 Under exposed Processing Over and Underexposed photos. Martin Belgica Over exposed Martin Belgica Processed Photo overexposed Martin Belgica Under exposed Martin Belgica Processed Photo...Read More