Reflectors Softer Light

Using Reflectors and 50w Bulbs. Reflectors How nice are reflectors? It is very nice. softens everything that hits the subject. I got a gold luminous reflector and I want it to be shown on a photo. and so I bring...Read More

Valentines Day Special Beatin Heartz Baby

Blender Art 2 hearts in........... This Gallery is inspired by the day of Valentines and so I must take some photos of things about valentines day. I saw some flowers on the table maybe for my sister or my mother...Read More

Happy New Year 2024

Happy New Year Everyone. Enjoy my Fireworks Photos for 2024. Nothing special happened this year, just errands and stuff. Read back on my posts. Work for 2024 Proofread the whole website. Fix all Elementor to Wordpress widgets. ..........................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Yoga and Photography

8 limbs of Yoga and PhotographyYOGA AND PHOTOGRAPHYHello, What is my ultimate goal in life? The answer to that is to perfect my dhyana samadhi in the ways of purposeful enlightenment. Why photography and not just be a monk inside...Read More

3 Point Lighting Recap as an Idea

BANGING OF LIGHTLight touches another is like a union of sensations. A subject when touched by two light sources is like a good old delicious sandwich. 1 point or 1 source of light is not enough to make a good...Read More