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Myphone WX2 Pro Photo Samples

Self Portraits were Uploaded on instagram but due to Social Media Frenzy I bailed out and deleted everything, just bear with my laziness and hope most people get back to their senses. It is much worse than you can imagine. The frenzy is way beyond human mundane thinking. The world is insane. Think tech hysteria with a twist. 

X symbol Marlboro lights Cigarette

Youtube 2010 – 2021

I ended officially using Youtube even for video hosting it is too unhealthy for my brain. So back to taking photos of random things. Do not look for a plot or story line. It will be just random.

Camera down….

CX900 Camera Zeiss Lens

Script into the trash bin…………..

Papunta sa kanya script majos belgica majos films

It is just wrong…

X symbol Marlboro lights Cigarette

Relax and see the beauty of nature….

Sunset Yellow Sunflower Street

Ohhh shit covid 19 still here, I better protect myself.

Alchohol Spray , Face mask Isopropyl Alchohol
Alchohol Spray , Face mask

Lights Out///////////// Early Camera existing inside the house

Light bulb in green room

The end Youtube 2010 – 2021

Nissin Cup noodles with crab sticks

Month of April Mobile Photography Update for Myphone MyXl1 Plus

Here are update photos for Myphone Myxl1 Plus Month of April

Photos are completely random to see all go to my instagram account Martin Joseph Belgica (@mbphotographymyphone) • Instagram photos and videos

Now shifting to the MyWx2 Pro I plan to take portraits stay tuned on instagram.

MyPhone Vello Bracket Setup

Doing Mobile Photography with smartphones using Myphone Myxi1 Plus, sometimes lacks things like extra key light and the usage of bokeh effect with light so I decided to gear things up with my vello brackets.

Vello bracket Setup with Myphone mobile phone 

Vello bracket Setup with Myphone mobile phone[/caption]

I put up 2 Andoer Video lights and a vello bracket CB 510 and a clamp on with a wide angle Clip on lens.

Singing Bowl Photo taken using Myphone Mobile Phones
Singing Bowl Photo taken using Myphone Mobile Phones
Stuffed toys Bear and Bunny Photo taken using Myphone Mobile Phones
Stuffed toys Bear and Bunny Photo taken using Myphone Mobile Phones

It might look stupid for some but it can create a different type of photo a different look and feel.


Will resume taking photos for instagram with my phone in a couple of days. 🙂
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Martin Joseph Belgica (@martin.belgica) • Instagram photos and videos

Car polisher and motor oil ; processed

Testing the Nikon D3500 Entry Level Camera using Flash

I was planning to buy a d500 again as said in my previous blog posts but time and money ended me up on buying a d3500 entry level camera. Its a good camera and I have produced good photos with entry level bodies. I guess I would just endure this phase again till I get professional bodies for professional work. Waiting and patience.

From D3400 during my Pinoypap days to D3500 for ???? Who knows.. Street or maybe some sports??

Due to Covid 19 situation raising up to 8000 this march 2021 going out to do street photography is a hassle. The risk of getting infected is there and so staying near proximity to home is still the best. Waiting till it goes down to 2000 then planning my trips will be back on my tasks.

This is my first exposure. The challenge is to isolate the subject in darkness and get them all in focus. I now set up the flash sb 910 and took another exposure.

At this point the arrangement was not still on check due to me just checking my exposures and relying on camera metering. I then arranged the gizmos to fit the look I want.

The shadows were harsh but the darkness I want was there. I then tried to arrange it and compose the camera better. I then exposed it normally with flash.

Thinking here I decided to point the flash on bounce on the table and covered the fill area with some reflective material.


ISO 100
Flash 1/1

Slightly overexposed I got this photo overpowering the background was slightly achieved. Now I decided to lower the intensity of the light from the flash to do the trick.


ISO 100
Flash 1/32

Now I got the subject exposed and the background dark a little post processing shall do the trick .

This was the look I was looking for but if you have a good Black backdrop then that would be much easier but that is the essence of photography do fun things.

FYI this is me just trying to find things to post .. COVID 19 sucks… Promise to do another d3500 test on social and active settings.

Tweak the contrast based on your liking .. 🙂 I would like to express my photographs in ways that is not usual. The vintage feel seems cool, let us lower the saturation. Playing with saturation and curves is fun.


Chicken looking at the lens intensely

Oks Manoks

The chicken hunt starts.


Every morning I see chickens owned by our neighbor. His chicken coop is the whole street and so the adventure to take photos of them starts.



Wanting the chicken to look at the camera I wait patiently.


and then the chicken calls his friends. This birds sexuality is unknown Rooster or hen???

Three Little birds,

Eating what is on sight is a no holds barred type of thing.



COVID-19 is spreading again still nothing to do but to take pictures of what is happening. A trip to the mall and the bank is all I do usually. Hope things change this coming months.


Bamboo wood craft over exposed; inverted

Boring day Photography is Looking Stale

Due to industry projections photography is looking stale is it really getting that old. My photographic mind is winding down into ideas of mimicry and documentation is it worth it to pursue further?

Inversions looks fun but still feels stale.

This is the only interesting shot I got, anways here are more photos.

Photo of a Bird Facing Left

I am having a problem with this bird.

A family member is requesting for prints where the bird is facing each other here is an attempt with nikon A900.


or should I just re shoot the bird looking left and one looking right in one location?

Light play slow shutter blue light 2

Battle with the fungal infested sensor the final stand of my Nikon D80

Upon shooting again with the old D80 I decided to let it go the fungal is strong. I bombarded in tolerable amounts of light cleaned it hoping it lessens, but to no avail the end is for it to be repaired and cleaned but based on what I searched on the internet I saw marks left after cleaning the sensor, stains and stuff, so at the end of this post the D80 needs to retire.

I took photos with the pheonix 500mm for fun

Just like the fungus of the sensor it creeps
It is not noticeable sometimes but knowing it is there is irritating.
A game of pretend might solve the problem
White with worms of infestation

What if I do something underexposed with long exposures?

I still see it
Lets try to battle this one out. BALL OF BLUE ENERGY .!!!!


Pentagram Power


Reverse pentagram power


Violet light indigo blast


Power surge electric jolt

Fire bomb jutsu



Viola its gone…

At the end of the battle the fungus won and lets just pretend it disappeared…