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Chicken looking at the lens intensely

Oks Manoks

The chicken hunt starts.


Every morning I see chickens owned by our neighbor. His chicken coop is the whole street and so the adventure to take photos of them starts.



Wanting the chicken to look at the camera I wait patiently.


and then the chicken calls his friends. This birds sexuality is unknown Rooster or hen???

Three Little birds,

Eating what is on sight is a no holds barred type of thing.



COVID-19 is spreading again still nothing to do but to take pictures of what is happening. A trip to the mall and the bank is all I do usually. Hope things change this coming months.


Meow Experience

With my Cousin hanging out at F Manalo street a kitty appeared. My cousing gesturing to get some photos and so… Hmmm this kitty looks interesting. A couple of snaps and a story emerged.

Once upon a time a kitty was alone in the urban jungle of rizal and this kitty is very hungry.

“Meow meow!” says the kitty.


I am hungrly! , Meow Meow… 

As the kitty walked further into the vast deserted asphalt, a shining fortress emerged and the hope for food was seen and is near.

“I am going to that fortress I smell food!!! Meow Meow. !!”

The kitty walked towards the fortress of good smells, tapa, porkchop and lutong ulam. Food for Kings and Queens.


The kitty then passed the giant observer. (Me) A titan Overlord of Felix Manalo for that day. 

At last Kitty saw the giant fortress it is time for kitty to eat. 


What happened to kitty after this who knows?!?! Did Kitty get the right amounts of courage to eat at the large fortress of VIVIANS EATERY!? Who knows..?