Month: March 2023

Fractal Orgone Pyramid Idea

Hello this is a blog post about the Orgone Infinity Concept Shoot, it is composed of a Citrine sphere stone, a Pyramid Orgone and two mirrors. The basic idea is to just create an infinite look or evoke and expansive feeling when you see the photograph, seeing the artwork behind orgone items I figured this will be a cool blog post.


I will use a Nikon Entry level 3500 camera for this one, a low budget concept shoot for the website. Lenses I used are 11 – 50mm AF-P and 70 – 300mm AF P kit lenses. The two lens usually is with the d3500 camera as a package. AF-P lenses has good AF response and focusing system.


The basic idea was in my head due to going to barber shops. As a kid it is amusing seeing an infinity effect on a face to face mirror, you see multiple versions of the same thing it is trance inducing while getting a haircut, experiencing that  made it memorable. I decided to create something of that nature and used the orgone pyramids I bought months ago. I placed it in a pattern like manner and took a photo. It looks good now lets duplicate this and make this like a sea of orgone pyramids.



First problem I had is how do I take a photo of the infinity when my camera is too big. If I buy a big mirror that would be really expensive. Taking the photo with a camera on the right or left side to be erased in photo editing was an option but doing it seems hard. I can’t fit the camera inside the frame and the only camera I have that is small is the Nikon sb5100 point and shoot. My phone was an option but its quality is not that good in my mind.



Not having enough money to buy a micro camera (go-pros) or even do the amount of work necessary to materialize my imagination I decided to work around the subject by changing angles taking sample photos making the most of what I can capture just to get a feel on what will be possible and what approaches could work.

Camera placement and angles was explored, sometimes adapting to the condition is a better option than buying your way into a desired situation. Film making made me realize that quick.


Doing my thinking for a couple of days before doing my formal shoot and concept I decided to slack and just have fun doing the shoot, it took me a couple of hours to finish my shot by just taking multiple focused exposures and using the infinity concept as a peripheral rather than my main focus. Taking good photos over obsessing with the idea. I still managed to get some infinity effects on camera but I will not publish all of it in this website. You can contact me to see it via email

Here is a Gallery of some Images I took with some processing.

Produced in MJB STUDIOS
Produced by Majos Belgica
Camera : Nikon 3500
Lightsource : 50watts Bulb 
Lens : Nikkor AF-P DX 18 – 55mm
 and AF -P  DX 55 – 300mm 

Studio and Slack Photography

Update on MJB studios: 

We now have the Wardrobe Room at second floor and additional Carpets. There is still a long way to go, I need to purchase for the computer and editing rooms and produce 3 self portraits before I put money in production shoots to promote the studio and my photography. There is a rule in progress that a person who pursues things needs to complete a body of work before you get noticed by the people who would work or appreciate what you do, there is no distinct correct style in my understanding of photography but there is always a form of aesthetic style that caters to things that creates your identity as a photographer. Doing portraits is my weakness but finding my identity is doing self portraits before I do other peoples portraits in a studio setting.

The month of march is a big waiting game for me, money is scarce and I am still not selling any brackets I bought years ago. Money the past years is tight due to covid and photographic opportunities cost money like going to locations costs a $100 at least to get a decent set of photographs, doing the best I can with what is around saves me money and time and provides me content for this website. I can show you now a photo of the moon during late afternoon.

In some instances I get bored and I stack up my rock collection and compose it on Gimp to just have material to post, running ideas in my head seems too corny for me to put effort and publish on this website. Here is a photo of a rock stacked up inverted in Photo editing just to create some intrigue and change.

Shutterstock Updat
Due to me being broke and putting all my money on the studio I was forced to stop using shutterstock for the coming months for it saves me a couple of dollars. I use shutterstock a lot for it is cheaper to upload licensed photos than to produce good ones just to put some content up, on the upside it will force me to get my production senses on for future photography productions for this website and also my studio, dependence on licensing companies is kind of a lazy game but it supports the economy and other photographers on which is a good thing.

What else I was looking for gear on BandH photo for the coming shoots and also Lazada Mall items. I already have formulated 3 looks for the self portraits. The said looks and styles are just my imaginings and not of professional stylistic sense, it may look good or bad but definitely something I will publish on this website for future remembering on what works and doesn’t work on portaits and fashion.


GREEN MAN – All are green from bottom to the top, a willing me to pose for a green themed shoot. All are fake items and this will be a cheap shoot for the cheap photographer. Inspired by the color green and nothing more.

RUDRA FASHION – Looking at shiva sense of fashion I decided to modernize the look and do a Rudra Fashion sense look, I gotta get my ears pierced this weekend or this month for this shoot. Composed of mala beads, scarfs and earrings.

THE PIMP – A red and pink themed with coat and mink and a staff with fake CZ crystal jewelry. A pimp culture inspired shoot that portrays the feminine side of men dealing with women in full manhood.

These shoots will be uploaded this year and be produced by majos studios as self portraits. Other shoots to be funded by Majos studios will be announced on the website and feel free to send us your services to be listed on my contacts.

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