Month: January 2021

Old Jeep car in Villagrande; Black and white

Tamron 18 – 400mm test metering problems

I went outside the house and walked around our village with my d80. ISO at 800 fixed and on shutter/aperture priority with exposure at normal setting. My metering was on spot metering. The sun was blazing so I figured I can get enough light.

 I started to have problems with exposures the shutter priority mode tends to have a hard time. I take pictures on the go so checking my metering tends to be unconscious, remember its the d80 so the ISO auto is disabled and I usually prefer it fixed so I cannot rely on the automation much but only on the exposure compensation when needed 2 stops down or up. I shot this on fixed exposures. it failed to expose correctly. Another is the aperture adjustment I think is not working correctly with the Tamron D80 combo. New Nikon bodies I think would be much better.

ISO 800

Here is what happened when I switched to 18mm it kept its aperture at f/6.7 the metering was off and so again I shoot on the go so I do not check that much when I do these types of photography, the lens camera relationship didn’t work. I was expecting the lens to go to aperture f/3.5 at 18mm.

ISO 800

My metering was off but that is part of my style of photography checking your metering is recommended but sometimes that moment has passed when you look at the view finder you lost that shot. I was expecting it to go to f/3.5 but the case is the lens needed to adjust at that metering and so the lens has a lag on switching apertures pre focusing I guess would help to get a better shot and exposure.

Overall it was a good lens to shoot with. Focal lengths at your disposal with a relaxed paced shooting it will fit this lens well. Fast paced action and photography though I recommend faster lenses never mind the fungus I will get it cleaned in the future.

Dog walking Rambler Street

Street Dogs Outside the House

still stuck in a loop on how to buy back a new d500 and adding a Tamron 160mm – 600mm lens. What to do? I guess take some picture outside the house.

Sunflower Street Corner

RAW files and JPEGS

The eye sheds light on the topic. The natural colors of things are seen by the eye, making it as a guide of what is correct and not is key. Nothing is wrong with jpegs and Raw files. What is correct is what the eye can see and prefer to see.

RAW FILES gives flexibility and bending of reality in terms of color perception and tones. The sun can only do so much , your flash and light strobes can only do so much. RAW files can make you bend all these things. Give thanks to technology it became easy.

processed raw file

Jpegs are the nearest to what you can see and some people prefer jpegs to lessen the possibility of changing the captured photo. It is like if you fucked up that moment is fucked up. IF you got that moment right you got that moment right. It is a game of chance for me.


The naturalist might prefer jpegs for a film negative is not natural to the eye what is natural is what you can see. Some RAW files can be processed to look like a better jpeg file but the question is how much can your eye make things in focus? it is the eye that guides the preference.

untouched raw file

creativity in raw though makes the art. Documentalist prefer the body of photos rather than the photo individually, the artist prefer the beauty of illusions that a photo can create rather than the original photo captured. they shoot RAW so they can process it and create something catered to their individuality.

Bling Master Watch old4

My old King Ice Bling Master Gold Watch

I like Iced out stuff. I prefer to wear it always than expensive rolex. This is my watch bruised and used.