PRESS: MahiYoshi マ痺よし Project Pulled. Due to name use. Sep 13, 2023

The hypno website project Mahiyoshi マ痺よし 2038 Visual audio scape portal is pulled due to name use. The project was supposed to be an AV and interactive website that stimulates the brainwaves to experience altered states of consciousness via stimulation using visual, audio and scripts. Using HTML, CSS, PHP and some java code, the project can create a digital environment where users can navigate and enjoy hypnosis like a game but without any points or end goal. The program is designed to make the user experience hypnosis using the computer and the browser, with the safety of the ‘Alarm clock’ trigger as a waking state command. The hypnosis or altered state induction is supposed to be a 20 minute full experience within the web pages of the website as a hypno-experience. The project was pulled due to the use of japanese or Nihongo as a brand name. The brand name had a similar sound to an important business man as Masayoshi Son Sama. As a show of respect to the Japanese people and their culture the Mahiyoshi project was pulled.

ゴメン なさあう. 

ゴメン なさあう 日本

Official statement release : Date 9/13/2023

Majos Belgica
Website Administrator

PRESS June 23, 2023

Update due to Lack of interest towards the Studio as of june 23, 2023 The studio will No longer be a Photography studio but a media production office for the intent of research and publishing for Scientific and Religious use. The MJB studio will be no longer operating as a photography studio but will be an office for

Effective june 23, 2023

PRESS : Feb 09, 2023

Majos Studios or MJB STUDIOS will be opening for work and collaborations at the 3rd quarter of the year 2023. Feel free to visit studio and look at what is being worked on or developed. Updates on studio progress will be posted on blogposts on the website

Majos Belgica

Press Release : Jan 1, 2023
will no longer use Facebook as a publish platform. All photos, images or anything using my name as Majos Belgica or Martin Belgica as a photographer is not me. From the date of Jan 3, 2023 I no longer use the facebook platform for this website and others or anywork connected to this website and my name. I do not conduct any business or transation on facebook as for my photography and media production starting jan 3,2023.

Majos Belgica

Press Release : Oct 20, 2022

Date: Oct 20, 2022

All works created in relation to the showbiz industry as Pinoypap Project will be again displayed as existed but will never release a copy or produce further copies of the said work on this website. The reason for displaying the work again is for data reference towards what was done during the year of 2017 – 2018. 

All images connected to Pinoypap Project  will only be published on a seperate website.

on this domain:

Majos Belgica

Press Release Date: Oct 13, 2022

Date: Oct 13, 2022

Martin Joseph Belgica known as ‘Majos Belgica’ will no longer make films or videos in the philippines.I declare in this website that as of Oct 2022 I will no longer fund or plan to produce any film or video in support to the film industry of the philippines. My reason for releasing this statement is my witnessing of immorality in trailers and movies and the increase of degrading works towards the filipino culture. in the world of Philippine Cinema as witnessed. If ever I hold own or is eligible to hold and own any asset or stock of any company involved in the making or producing of filipino movies i do intend for it to be in the power of the Catholic Church if not to be turned over to the Government  of the republic of the philippines. 

Majos Belgica

Press Release Sep 28 2022

Date: Sep 28, 2022

This is Martin Belgica Photography Website as an entity representing Martin Joseph Belgica. I declare on the said date this document is published that Martin Joseph Belgica also known as ‘Majos Belgica’ as a film maker is to no longer publish anything related to the showbiz or entertainemnt industry. All paparazzi images and text are already deleted as of the said date, reasons are not to be disclosed but a simple statement of the said projects is bad for the websites reputation and credibility and also as for the personality and personal life of Majos Belgica. Integrity , harmony and industry I wish everyone prosperity and health.

Majos Belgica September 19, 2023 7:28 pm All rights reserved 2023