Month: March 2021

Old eaten donut

Mobile Photography with MYPHONE MYXl1 PLUS

I was thinking of doing Instagram and I hate I phones and so I decided to buy a myphone. Thinking further I had an idea of doing 1000 photos using Myphone. First Phone model is MYXL1 Plus.

here are my Instagram Photos purely MYPHONE PRODUCTS

Here are some photos taken using MYXL1 PLUS

Car polisher and motor oil ; Flash photography 1

Testing the Nikon D3500 Entry Level Camera using Flash

I was planning to buy a d500 again as said in my previous blog posts but time and money ended me up on buying a d3500 entry level camera. Its a good camera and I have produced good photos with entry level bodies. I guess I would just endure this phase again till I get professional bodies for professional work. Waiting and patience.

From D3400 during my Pinoypap days to D3500 for ???? Who knows.. Street or maybe some sports??

Due to Covid 19 situation raising up to 8000 this march 2021 going out to do street photography is a hassle. The risk of getting infected is there and so staying near proximity to home is still the best. Waiting till it goes down to 2000 then planning my trips will be back on my tasks.

This is my first exposure. The challenge is to isolate the subject in darkness and get them all in focus. I now set up the flash sb 910 and took another exposure.

At this point the arrangement was not still on check due to me just checking my exposures and relying on camera metering. I then arranged the gizmos to fit the look I want.

The shadows were harsh but the darkness I want was there. I then tried to arrange it and compose the camera better. I then exposed it normally with flash.

Thinking here I decided to point the flash on bounce on the table and covered the fill area with some reflective material.


ISO 100
Flash 1/1

Slightly overexposed I got this photo overpowering the background was slightly achieved. Now I decided to lower the intensity of the light from the flash to do the trick.


ISO 100
Flash 1/32

Now I got the subject exposed and the background dark a little post processing shall do the trick .

This was the look I was looking for but if you have a good Black backdrop then that would be much easier but that is the essence of photography do fun things.

FYI this is me just trying to find things to post .. COVID 19 sucks… Promise to do another d3500 test on social and active settings.

Tweak the contrast based on your liking .. 🙂 I would like to express my photographs in ways that is not usual. The vintage feel seems cool, let us lower the saturation. Playing with saturation and curves is fun.


Chicken looking at the lens intensely

Oks Manoks

The chicken hunt starts.


Every morning I see chickens owned by our neighbor. His chicken coop is the whole street and so the adventure to take photos of them starts.



Wanting the chicken to look at the camera I wait patiently.


and then the chicken calls his friends. This birds sexuality is unknown Rooster or hen???

Three Little birds,

Eating what is on sight is a no holds barred type of thing.



COVID-19 is spreading again still nothing to do but to take pictures of what is happening. A trip to the mall and the bank is all I do usually. Hope things change this coming months.


Meow Experience

With my Cousin hanging out at F Manalo street a kitty appeared. My cousing gesturing to get some photos and so… Hmmm this kitty looks interesting. A couple of snaps and a story emerged.

Once upon a time a kitty was alone in the urban jungle of rizal and this kitty is very hungry.

“Meow meow!” says the kitty.


I am hungrly! , Meow Meow… 

As the kitty walked further into the vast deserted asphalt, a shining fortress emerged and the hope for food was seen and is near.

“I am going to that fortress I smell food!!! Meow Meow. !!”

The kitty walked towards the fortress of good smells, tapa, porkchop and lutong ulam. Food for Kings and Queens.


The kitty then passed the giant observer. (Me) A titan Overlord of Felix Manalo for that day. 

At last Kitty saw the giant fortress it is time for kitty to eat. 


What happened to kitty after this who knows?!?! Did Kitty get the right amounts of courage to eat at the large fortress of VIVIANS EATERY!? Who knows..?

Bamboo wood craft over exposed; inverted

Boring day Photography is Looking Stale

Due to industry projections photography is looking stale is it really getting that old. My photographic mind is winding down into ideas of mimicry and documentation is it worth it to pursue further?

Inversions looks fun but still feels stale.

This is the only interesting shot I got, anways here are more photos.