Light and Imagery Inversions

My last shoot using the studio. Starting march 2024 I will focus on my Yoga practice and do less photography for the website. Thinking of a topic to discuss concerning imaging is the magic inversion. It came to my mind when I was contemplating lens distortions, what can I do with lens distortions to create imagery. Here are my attempts as a general idea.

Using a magnifying glass and lenses I managed to create a fractal image. Another Idea is using the same concept but moving the subject. here is an image sample.

Playing with the magnifying glass I noticed the convergence phenomenon and saw my Shiva painting inverted looking into the lens. I decided to do a shoot using this phenomenon. Watching youtube videos I managed to understand the basics of this phenomenon using the lens as inverted imagery by light particle convergence as a wave spectrum.

Seeing this phenomenon makes you question reality for a while. Is the world really as we think it is? Are we just floating particles in visible light?

A video of Jenna Haze portrait for more tests on this phenomenon in terms of distance.

Getting bored with the inversion phenomenon. I decided to play with the lights using lens distortions.


Using a lens I directed the light to create an image and took photos of it.

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