Month: February 2023

Glamour Photos I like on Shutterstock

Let’s explore Glamour photos from other photographers on Shutterstock to create an environment for this years shoots.


Months ago, I was planning to do a ‘Guess’ Brand shoot for 3 looks or stylings, so for this year, one brand in my mind is the ‘Guess’ brand with 35mm or 50mm Nikon primes. I am also planning to do 3 fake brand shoots for the price and comparing what is really the difference why fakes are not better than authentic clothes, is it the response of a model to the fabric or the subconscious impression of it being fake. I will not omit the reality that it is fake on shoot, so I will really straight forward tell the the brands are fake. Comparing the Authentic brands to towards the fake will give me 6 shoots, that will give me 6 more to produce. I am still thinking of what to shoot for portraits for the rest 6 as a ‘warm up’ year for portraits and glamour photography.



These picks might be a projection of what I like based on my mind and character and what will be produced by me or how it might look, or an atmosphere we can work on, these photos will give a sense of how I think and how it might come out after the year.


Glamour for me is just scarcity and longing. How can you be that exposed yet not touchable, like a high value person, a lustful fantasy or just plain “I don’t deserve it.” Yet in publication of such photos the observer can kind of taste what is hard to experience. A private jet trip to somewhere expensive is a perfect example of glamour that most people can’t do. 


Commercial glamour on the other shade of what is glamorous is what is desirable attainable with restraint, an example of glamour photography that is commercial is the advertisements we see on TV and internet it is attainable yet very temporary and held back for it creates fanaticism when in momentum and consistency. A taste of insanity in a package. “You can taste it but you cannot get addicted.” That is what commercial glamour photography means to me. 

Overall, these things sell glamour photography. A sense of longing and a taste of tempting delights. A perfect harmony of indulgence and discipline. Portrait photography on the top of it is a different story. I will talk about that next. 


A good portrait for me is of meaning, at that level finding and scouting subjects for it is a challenge, in a small level we can just accent what is present and make good of it. Portrait is honor, integrity and heritage, what does it represent? What is it about? Who is this person? Getting good at this style can get you published. Finding what is good is the challenging part of good portraits. finding what is best on a person already the best full of honor, integrity and heritage. Good luck on that, at that level I am not yet familiar.

So that is it for today, I will write about other things the next week. I do weekly posts. 




I ‘Majos Belgica’ seriously stopped dating girls after 2012, when I realized that a woman has a fragile mind and labelling it as a ‘Relationship’ should be deleted in my vocabulary. In my mind the only thing that exists is pro-creation and marriage, a commitment to the gene pool. Hearing about Valentines day is like remembering that it was a tragedy. Saint Valentines. I do not put that much mind into my dating life, basic categories of dating are sexual relationships, social relationships, family alliance type of relationships (Asian thing) and marriage relationships. All of these are in distinct purpose in a man’s life, the word romantic relationship and love relationship are no longer in my vocabulary as a go to. It is either marriage or social.


So, for valentines I was thinking of buying some flowers and taking photos of it. I changed my mind I wanted to save money for the studio, so I decided to just take photos of the color red around the house. As simple as I do on this website. I just did that. My photography projects are stale and is going down. In all actuality I just do it for the goal of opening a 10,000 sq ft studio, transitioning back to film or sticking to still images would be a secure place for me in the future. taxes are nothing compared to a risky portfolio. I repeat that on every blog, so it gets reinforced in my brand. Taking photos of red things and mapping them on Gimp is so boring that posting this feels like throwing away an old pair of sneakers.

Here is a photo of a pig that is red in color. A pig can also have a Valentines day right? It’s a piggy bank made of plastic.

Here is a photo of a budding flower a very weird flower but it is red and so I took a photo.

if you do not like grain here is another version. 

Here is a old red can of Jhonny Walker, I just picked a spot and took a photo of it. Viola “200 years.” 

Now here is a heart shaped candle.

 Now my problem is how to make sense of all this non sense. My mind went to that place where I invent stupid ideas out of stupid trashy ideas and form a bigger trashy idea to publish on this website. A pessimists best talent.

My sister and mother decided to just buy food for Valentines day we ate some burgers from some in and out type joint named XYZ homies. I forgot the name of the burger place, but it does taste good. Moving forward we at the house with my aunties talked about retirement age and dating. We laughed about it and joked about it during dinner.

Basically that is it on the day of valentines. May Saint Valentines be in peace. I will post other stuff when I get active again. I will focus on portraits this year and so please bear with my content for it will suck till I finish setting up my little studio.

Happy valentines day though may your sexual relationship be responsible and enriching.

Heineken beer empty bottle of heineken

Choice of Beer : What We drank 2022

What kind beer do you drink? Me I drink all types and kinds but my favorite of them all is the ‘Super dry’ brand of San Miguel unfortunately I didn’t drink it this year because I no longer drink that much due to yogic reasons.

Out of habit and boredom lets take photos of empty beer bottles we drank last 2022.

Beer we drank 2022 Pale Pilsen, Heineken , Red Horse, Engkanto and San Mig light.
Beer we drank 2022
Pale Pilsen, Heineken , Red Horse, Engkanto and San Mig light.

Our brands are Pale pilsen, Heineken, Red horse, San Miguel Light and Engakto Green Lava.

Last year was an okay year it came out well, health wise ending with me being covid positive and surviving it, money wise it sucks, paying debt and getting nowhere. Stagnation is common space during 2022. What made 2022 a good year I guess it was when it went by with no one getting hurt although We lost somebody 2022, a relative in her old age and I think it is proper and right that I do not talk about it. Overall 2022 was an okay year, not a great year but just an okay year.


By the way my update on the studio is we have now new wall panels installed. and for that I can say it deserves a beer.

Honestly this is me writing just to fill up the 500 words target. I am super lazy like a super saiyan on hibernation. Goku post eating a number of bowls.

So here it is the San miguel Light.

San Miguel Lights Bought at Suking Tindahan
San Miguel Lights Bought at Suking Tindahan

A very tasty beer for the pussified mind. This is for the ladies but men still do drink this brand of San miguel for they are already married or their gf said so, imaginary or not. San Miguel Light tastes like a good beer that is diluted in sparkling water. It is definitely for the ladies and gentis.

Next Beer is the Heineken the German brew.

Heineken beer empty bottle of heineken
Heineken bought at gilmore wines manila,

 I like the Heineken for it tastes like good old beer,malt, lager or whatever drink that tastes like bitter sweet rice. This brand is a straight gulper. It tastes like a solid smooth grain on a sparkling brew that takes you to a place of thirst quenching and gives you a buzz. It is always a go to brand for good drinking. It tastes superb and lasts you a good tolerable hang over.

Next beer is the Red Horse. This nasty sweet beer is a power house.

Red Horse Beer Bought at 7 Eleven
Red Horse Beer Bought at 7 Eleven

Red horse Beer is a Gin beer taste with lots of sweetness. This drink is for the one who wants to get wasted. Drinking 4 of these will make you drunk on your shoes and a couple of bottles more you will be dropping or puking sisig or whatever you ate during or before drinking. Red Horse beer has a good taste but also has a very powerful toxication effect. You decide if you want to bloat and get drunk go indulge. I also recommend this to college kids who wants to get laid. Just remember to buy your ‘manoy cap’ better safe than sorry. The Hangover experience is sharp.

Next on the list is the Pale Pilsen. The best beer in the world based on my taste buds.

Pale Pilsen the best beer in the world. San Miguel Pale Pilsen

I have tasted quite a number of beers from my teen years till today, look at it as a normal beer drinkers perspective from Eagles to tigers, buds to diablos. I think you get what I mean. The taste of the Pale Pilsen is right on the money, it tastes like beer, feels like a beer and gets you buzzed up like a beer. A bitter sweet balance of the perfect taste for beer drinkers. It makes other beer brands look like they lack what Pale Pilsen has. Authority and a solid jab. It doesn’t knock you out but it does make you feel hit and still capable.

Last beer on the list the Engkanto Green Lava.

A filipino start up brand that can be considered an okay and interesting beer. It takes risks like a brewer on acid. The beers doesn’t taste bad nor good it tastes different. My tastes buds are not yet adapted to their flavors, it is like a college beer that you drink for fun but not for a relaxing evening to take you to states of rest. This drink has a good aroma with a lingering bitterness and a hidden sweet spot when you drink it. I recommend it to college kids who wants a fun night, not for middle aged men or real belly gulpers. 

That is my blog post for this week………… ciao 

not my photo powered by

Glamour Photography Goals

not my photo powered by
not my photo powered by


My goal on this site is to create a good profile and provide good photos for my website and share it here as  a mode of scouting potential models. I can promise this site to write regular blogs about sex I think or maybe my life venturing into glamour photography.  Let’s start to ask why glamour photography? I like glamour photography in a way due to me collecting glamour photos from local models who sells their photos online. I like to collect things on my hard drive and computer but not as stolen photos but as owned copies. I like owning the photos as a goal a contribution of some sorts and also create my own. I also like glamour due to the point is sexually stimulating in the brain. It excites the senses. I do plan to write a book about glamour photography but my skills in portrait photography is not that good. I will cross post on this social platform as a main archive then release it on my website as photographic works. 


Not my Photo Powered by

Collecting photos is also a good way to study other peoples work before I dive into the genre of Glamour photography deeper. Swimsuits, Underwear, Boudoir, Erotica and Modern Glamour is kinda intimidating, working with a woman who expresses sexuality on set sure is a challenge. It will be a bit hard but we gotta do it for the work and growth of my photographic skills. Collecting photos from other photographers and making my own will be assisted by analysis and creative referencing. So feel free to plug your work and galleries on my account. I do purchase photos, license and own copyrights. It is a good study and attractive archive library to own. 


First I want to get into the adult and sensual side for a year and take photographs of non professional models and aspiring models before I spend money on production costs taking photos of professionals. Working with professionals as a carry shoot is not ideal for me but it is a risky rewarding move, financially it could drain my finances. $4000 dollars of travel and production costs could be used up and not knowing what I am doing can be a bad idea. I do know how to take photographs but working with professional glamour models is not my comfort zone. I do not fear it cause I am a very courageous ‘sexy man’ but the money side of things might be a little hassle. 


Glamour photography might cost a lot of money, location wise taking a sexy professional model on a small studio like mine is not glamour, Glamour as the word translates to luxury , sexy, fame , fortune and extravagance so taking that into account you do know that the clothes are less but the location is rich and luxurious. A cheap motel isn’t glamorous but a Presedential Suite definitely is glamour. Flight into locations, model costs and their travel expenses will be really a cut in my bank account. Me having only a small studio to work with, this site would really help me scout for more affordable alternatives.

Value estimates 2023 from Blog post .

(Estimates not Accurate based on cost from Philippines) 

PROFESSIONAL WORK (Major publishing) 

Location  @ $4000 

Travel expesnses @ $4000  

Food and After party Expense @ $2000 

Model Costs @$5000 

Crew and MYself @$4000 

Other costs @$5000 


$25,000 – $48,000

NON PROFESSIONAL (minor publishing/not published)

Location  @ $1300

Travel expesnses @ $1300 

Food and After party Expense @ $700 

Model Costs @$1700 

Crew and MYself @$1300

Other costs @$1700


$8,000 – $15,400 


NON PROFESSIONAL (For archives and Not publlshed)

Location  @ $400

Travel expenses @ $400

Food and After party Expense @ $200 

Model Costs @$500 

Crew and Myself @$400

Other costs @$500


$2,400 – $4,600