Month: February 2021

Photo of a Bird Facing Left

I am having a problem with this bird.

A family member is requesting for prints where the bird is facing each other here is an attempt with nikon A900.


or should I just re shoot the bird looking left and one looking right in one location?

Light play slow shutter blue light 2

Battle with the fungal infested sensor the final stand of my Nikon D80

Upon shooting again with the old D80 I decided to let it go the fungal is strong. I bombarded in tolerable amounts of light cleaned it hoping it lessens, but to no avail the end is for it to be repaired and cleaned but based on what I searched on the internet I saw marks left after cleaning the sensor, stains and stuff, so at the end of this post the D80 needs to retire.

I took photos with the pheonix 500mm for fun

Just like the fungus of the sensor it creeps
It is not noticeable sometimes but knowing it is there is irritating.
A game of pretend might solve the problem
White with worms of infestation

What if I do something underexposed with long exposures?

I still see it
Lets try to battle this one out. BALL OF BLUE ENERGY .!!!!


Pentagram Power


Reverse pentagram power


Violet light indigo blast


Power surge electric jolt

Fire bomb jutsu



Viola its gone…

At the end of the battle the fungus won and lets just pretend it disappeared…

CX900 Sony photo zeiss lens

CX 900 Session for Photography 1

Using the Videocamera CX900 for photography looks promising

Philippine Airlines

Still not in the Mood to take Photos of the Streets

Days pass since my last post still the streets are not in the mood for some photography. So I decided to grab the CX900. its been days. Here are the photos.

First payment this march… #HARDTIMES


Self portrait Martin Belgica Nikon A900 8 Gunner Cap

Doing Portraits with A900 with Andoer and YONGNEO YN300 II

Back Doing Self portraits since IDK. Here is one of it from 2015.

I am not a fan of self portraits and portrait photography so I apologize if it will suck. Here are photos from Nikon A900 with andoer Lights and YN 300 II

The difference from before is generating enough key light. Common sense versus google know how. I learned a lot from google but experiencing it teaches more. NIkon AF system is okay but not super reliable.

Rolling shutter Flash mistake

Flash Rolling Shutter Bad

Taking photos with Flashes sometimes is a problem for some when you go pass 1/250. Why?




Taking photos pass 1/250 like this photo taken at 1/350 it catches the rolling shutter that thing that permits and not permits light to enter the sensor. Think film exposures. That will solve the problem. If the shutter doesn’t want light in it is closed, when it wants light in for the sensor(film equiv) it opens. That speed in sync with the speed of the flash will make a lot of sense.



Think the game capture the light and they have speed levels. The shutter speed level is faster than the speed level of the flash. If that is the case then the flash will not do its job of entering the sensor at the right moment, speed and the right amounts of light cause the gates(shutter) of your camera closed earlier than expected. If the shutter speed level is slower than the flash, then the light enters the sensor like a packaged delivered and aperture will become your friend to control the exposure.


1/500 exposure increased in Raw Therapee

The shutter roll is up and down to expose the photo so imagine when the flash triggers the shutter goes up and the light comes in but due to the shutter being faster than the flash hits the sensor in uneven ways, certain parts may be caught up by the roll of the shutter closing and getting uneven exposures in sensor.

To not get confused think old school styles of exposures. The light kisses the film and the film and the image is being printed using light on film, as the light is being graphed in a micro level on film the negatives are produced. If a wood is placed in front of the film inside the measurement of time desired for the exposure of the film then it will unbalance the exposure and get uneven exposures in the photograph. The shutter being caught is the wrong relationship between the measurement of time from the light source and the measurement of time from the receiver of light the film (sensor).

also remember the light speed is constant and so the measurement of exposures is being measured in flash as speed of shutter from light source rather than the speed of light. The Measurement of the flash dictates the exposure interval and in sync with your shutter speed it should work together. Being to far of its syncing will fuck up the photo.

Flash shutter 1/1



1/2000 will get you no exposure at all the 1/1 light didn’t pass through the speed of camera shutter. Camera shutter was too fast and flash shutter was too slow.












Just remember that a flash or strobe is functioning as a strobe and a flash it can only produce light per time rather than continuous light setups. It has its limits in terms of providing light in time intervals. If you want to capture moving subjects with flash it is possible but fast moving subjects require light sources not based on limited production of light. Continuous Lights then comes in handy at this area.

Concluding this topic the shutter speed of the camera must be able to get enough light for exposure and so calibrating flash speeds with camera shutter speeds is to be explored. Fixing exposures now comes with apertures rather than shutter speeds.