Month: May 2023

Japan A trip of Questions and Amazements

Japan Nihon…

A very interesting space on earth. A land full of culture and heritage leaping with technological force. Seeing Japan is like acquiring a cube. A land with different faces. My family went to Osaka, Nagoya and Kyoto. I being a very relaxed person, do not push forward towards something without the necessary training to perform tasks. Japan was a strong land to deal with and so my Nihongo was my downfall. Interesting people are Japanese people without a decent amount of Japanese words counts to me as not taking photographs based on the standards of the land, expect my photographs to be just a beginner level Nihon taking photos of a very advanced level Nihon. Japan is an advanced subject to tackle, I was not prepared to take it on and so we step back and see what can be photographed and what is the proper ways to capture Japan on a standard of a ‘BAKA’ (Idiot).


1st to tackle is the streets of Osaka Japan, Osaka is a lively place with a lot of infrastructure and interesting people, Osaka is a friendly place with a tint of modern living. We stayed at a building in Tanimachi 9 Chome with good air conditioning and a safe neighborhood. What you can do there is visit the night life and eat some good ramen.

 Stores are also present if you are into shopping tech and Japanese items for consumption or to take back home as a tourist. Osaka nightlife is kinda shaded with the artificial lights of signs giving the vibe of a cultural phenomenon of strictly business in Osaka japan.

People are blurry while the Osaka city lights shines well. Moving photographer capturing at shutter speed. 1/160 f/8 ISO3200

there are a lot of shops and bars inside Osaka Japan. In Tanimachi 9 Chome where I stayed it was quiet enough to sleep but when you want to party, be kinda loud(Not so much) and enjoy, the trains station is just around the corner where you can just ride to a near machi or town and have a go. Having friends in Japan is super required and is pleasurable for you can visit easily if you have the luxury of time and money. 

 Food in Osaka is delicious, I tried a ramen house with the family and enjoyed it very well, also some udon Yakisoba was sweet and superb.


Kyoto the samurai vibes, A very cool relaxed town in Kyoto Japan. People with kimono and also Bhuddist temples all over the place. It was a nice place to visit and have fun. To feel and experience the diverse religious beliefs of Japan from Shinto to Bhuddism and beyond, Kyoto must be on your list. The strict appearance of Kyoto and its people will be the testament of what Japan is. Experiencing the place makes you think of what the world really is.

The Bamboo forest of Kyoto japan is a place to take deep insight towards the beauty of nature. The natural parallel forms of the bamboo touched by the light of the heavens makes you turn towards the soul or the divine just being there.

People are seeing the wonders of the bamboo forest. Assisting each other as they walk towards the pathways.
the light on the background spills forward towards the observer. The parallel lines of the bamboo creates a filter or buffer of light.


What can I say about Nagoya Japan? Interesting people live in Nagoya, you will see a lot of cosplay, good food, gaming culture and a good marketplace. You can find everything in Nagoya Japan. Sadly we only stayed 2 nights in Nagoya but the place was kind of relaxing and home like.


The train stations in Japan is very effecient but due to my lack of Nihongo it is kinda confusing. The subway system is vast and impressive. Taking yourself all over japan is like just taking train rides to places. It is very fun but confusing. It is like a maze transferring from platform to platform and train to train. Having decent nihongo and knowing how to read kanji will make your trip much more fun. 


Going back to Japan is a natural tendency. Studying their language adds the fun to Japan. Not knowing anything about their language is a big ‘NO’ due to the people not really answering back in english but in Nihongo. They have love and pride towards their own culture and preserving it is sensed. English speakers are found in Government establishments and Hotels but as for the people of Japan it is not in their mind I think or purposefully not their intention to start speaking English for Non-Japanese tourists. I do know they can speak English I can see it in their jaw, but I tell you they will not and that for me is a good thing. 

Till next time 

Drama and Social Media Publishing

The Magic of Drama

A lost art indeed is the art of potrayal, many have been the victim of hyper publishing that drama is a lost art. Every media content out there is based on duplicity of one thing an algorithmic race towards the absurd prize of view counts and temporary fame that fades in a span of 3 months more or less. The 15 minutes of fame or 15 seconds of fame may now be realized by the users of social media and the consumer of Cable TV. A factual reality of hyper data consumpltion.

During the times of publishing 1 material per month to 1 material per week and the most hard time table is the 5 day stretch of 5 materials per week, a weekend rest then a restart. It was fun but tiring, each concept or material was thought of and carefully planned, producers pay money to make people see something beautiful Me myself It takes me days to make a Youtube video that is worth posting then editing and sound design for a separate day. Neglecting my drama and skill for portrayal it outputs a good material but with a taste of slack.  So for me to finish a 1 man production, I would need a 5 day work flow to output a good video polished ready for consumption. Rehearsing my lines and the magic of drama makes the difference.


Now 2023 we can say that imagery and poor portrayal is the pinnacle of content media. Bedroom banters and hyper screen writing. Let’s try to write a script in 5 minutes for a Youtube video.


Man walks towards the checkpoint. He talks with a friend.

Hey Kamusta na ang mga bagay bagay

Ayus lang naman, Malayo pa ba?

hindi malapit na yan.

Man 2
Nandiyan na ba tayo?

face of man (Are we there yet face)

Ayan na malapit na ang dulo ng walang hanggan.

Natatanaw ko na.

nanabik na me.

Man 2
ako din.
(sexualization of tone and gesture)

Hot sun .

Man 1
nandito na tayo pare?

A hot girl appears wearing bikini.

Ang sarap…. Ang sharaap sharaap!

Oo ang sharap sharap!

Samalamig Samalamig kayo diyan samalamig.

Woman gives men a thirst quencher drink.

2 men party and drink with woman in bikini.

Drink brand

Fades out.

It took me 5 minutes to write a silly scene like this .

This is the quality of material we see now on social media a 5 minute script and a simple multiple angle shoot the viola a good camera and microphone you get A grade material worth 5 minutes. I never did even think of sensible lines to hint and create misdirection towards the fact that they are thirsty.

Error in my script is, How can the observer understand that they are walking and thirsty? What is the connection of sexualization towards the drinking of a beverage? Why are they walking in a freeway? A lot of gaps that needs to be filled in pre production and post but in today’s time who cares about that?