Drama and Social Media Publishing

The Magic of Drama

A lost art indeed is the art of potrayal, many have been the victim of hyper publishing that drama is a lost art. Every media content out there is based on duplicity of one thing an algorithmic race towards the absurd prize of view counts and temporary fame that fades in a span of 3 months more or less. The 15 minutes of fame or 15 seconds of fame may now be realized by the users of social media and the consumer of Cable TV. A factual reality of hyper data consumpltion.

During the times of publishing 1 material per month to 1 material per week and the most hard time table is the 5 day stretch of 5 materials per week, a weekend rest then a restart. It was fun but tiring, each concept or material was thought of and carefully planned, producers pay money to make people see something beautiful Me myself It takes me days to make a Youtube video that is worth posting then editing and sound design for a separate day. Neglecting my drama and skill for portrayal it outputs a good material but with a taste of slack.  So for me to finish a 1 man production, I would need a 5 day work flow to output a good video polished ready for consumption. Rehearsing my lines and the magic of drama makes the difference.


Now 2023 we can say that imagery and poor portrayal is the pinnacle of content media. Bedroom banters and hyper screen writing. Let’s try to write a script in 5 minutes for a Youtube video.


Man walks towards the checkpoint. He talks with a friend.

Hey Kamusta na ang mga bagay bagay

Ayus lang naman, Malayo pa ba?

hindi malapit na yan.

Man 2
Nandiyan na ba tayo?

face of man (Are we there yet face)

Ayan na malapit na ang dulo ng walang hanggan.

Natatanaw ko na.

nanabik na me.

Man 2
ako din.
(sexualization of tone and gesture)

Hot sun .

Man 1
nandito na tayo pare?

A hot girl appears wearing bikini.

Ang sarap…. Ang sharaap sharaap!

Oo ang sharap sharap!

Samalamig Samalamig kayo diyan samalamig.

Woman gives men a thirst quencher drink.

2 men party and drink with woman in bikini.

Drink brand

Fades out.

It took me 5 minutes to write a silly scene like this .

This is the quality of material we see now on social media a 5 minute script and a simple multiple angle shoot the viola a good camera and microphone you get A grade material worth 5 minutes. I never did even think of sensible lines to hint and create misdirection towards the fact that they are thirsty.

Error in my script is, How can the observer understand that they are walking and thirsty? What is the connection of sexualization towards the drinking of a beverage? Why are they walking in a freeway? A lot of gaps that needs to be filled in pre production and post but in today’s time who cares about that?

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