3d Layering to 4d Video Experience

The big question in mind is how do we enjoy 4D rendered footage. Theoretically 4th Dimensional Videos are videos that is shot either in two angles or 2 types of exposure and is merged into one to be watched or percieved. 4d footage is not enjoyable layers of footage or imagery can create confusion towards the perceiver or watcher. 

Here is an example of a 4d footage. This type of footage works for video presentations and marketing reels and stock footages.

It is very confusing to watch. Inverted media with low saturation layered upon tweaked white balance and tint creates good imagery but is very confusing. The problem I want to solve is How do we fix the problem of confusion? One solution is to seperate the layers and display it in two windows. Video directors see the screen this way but usually this is for production purposes not as a final cut or for broadcast, some music videos do display this but it is for adding ornamental elements to the music rather than giving context and meaning. The confusion problem still remains but it is lesser. 


I think the entertaining factor in the 4d experience of video is the power of choice, you have 2 types of exposures or even more and the watcher could decide to focus on an element of the video rather than the whole. Left media or right media? Top media or bottom media? The perceiver decides. The power of 4d is more experiential and choice driven. 

Is 4d film making ideal or 4d production styles ideal for mass media consumption? I am still observing what can happen in the future. Stimuli, stimuli and more stimuli!

The magic of 4d media is you can experience the scenario in a more expansive way implying that the footage 1 played with footage 2 is happening at the same time just like a CCTV. Layering both creates a merged imagery that is confusing, seperation of footage creates a choice driven experience. Having the choice to look at the point of view of 1 can make you interact mentally with the footage by taking your eyes to footage 2 when action happens. This is entertaining to watch but is kind of overloading the brain with information. Video directors and security people can handle this much information but the normal viewer I think cannot. It is up to the future of watching media to decide if people are ready for this type of style of publishing media. 


I can say that the industry does put Augmented Cinema as a 4d experience. Augmenting the experience via VR or diversed theater experience can create that pheriperal choice I said earlier, this style fixes the confusion by putting a parallel experience based on a 3d film footage. If 4d cinema is Augmented reality designed as a parallel then this will fix the confusion problem, moving towards a different view of 4D but with similarities can work. Cinematic 4D can be different to Psychaunatic 4D.  I ate and Shit at the same time merging back to sitting and watching TV that is 4d to me augmenting my eating by expanding experiential stimuli of my eating alone can be a start in exploring 4D. Can we argue with the industry standards? Yes we can. 

Can we win? Nope cause we are all contributing factors towards this evolutionary way of displaying images and sounds. We all win in the end. 

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