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I ‘Majos Belgica’ seriously stopped dating girls after 2012, when I realized that a woman has a fragile mind and labelling it as a ‘Relationship’ should be deleted in my vocabulary. In my mind the only thing that exists is pro-creation and marriage, a commitment to the gene pool. Hearing about Valentines day is like remembering that it was a tragedy. Saint Valentines. I do not put that much mind into my dating life, basic categories of dating are sexual relationships, social relationships, family alliance type of relationships (Asian thing) and marriage relationships. All of these are in distinct purpose in a man’s life, the word romantic relationship and love relationship are no longer in my vocabulary as a go to. It is either marriage or social.


So, for valentines I was thinking of buying some flowers and taking photos of it. I changed my mind I wanted to save money for the studio, so I decided to just take photos of the color red around the house. As simple as I do on this website. I just did that. My photography projects are stale and is going down. In all actuality I just do it for the goal of opening a 10,000 sq ft studio, transitioning back to film or sticking to still images would be a secure place for me in the future. taxes are nothing compared to a risky portfolio. I repeat that on every blog, so it gets reinforced in my brand. Taking photos of red things and mapping them on Gimp is so boring that posting this feels like throwing away an old pair of sneakers.

Here is a photo of a pig that is red in color. A pig can also have a Valentines day right? It’s a piggy bank made of plastic.

Here is a photo of a budding flower a very weird flower but it is red and so I took a photo.

if you do not like grain here is another version. 

Here is a old red can of Jhonny Walker, I just picked a spot and took a photo of it. Viola “200 years.” 

Now here is a heart shaped candle.

 Now my problem is how to make sense of all this non sense. My mind went to that place where I invent stupid ideas out of stupid trashy ideas and form a bigger trashy idea to publish on this website. A pessimists best talent.

My sister and mother decided to just buy food for Valentines day we ate some burgers from some in and out type joint named XYZ homies. I forgot the name of the burger place, but it does taste good. Moving forward we at the house with my aunties talked about retirement age and dating. We laughed about it and joked about it during dinner.

Basically that is it on the day of valentines. May Saint Valentines be in peace. I will post other stuff when I get active again. I will focus on portraits this year and so please bear with my content for it will suck till I finish setting up my little studio.

Happy valentines day though may your sexual relationship be responsible and enriching.

Studio Moments for 2023 Pre Purchasing

             Hello 2023. The 50 watts bulb for the cheap softboxes just came. Price is like 5 dollars per bulb, around 500 Philippine pesos. I tested it to see if it will work compared to continous light Yungnuo. I am having struggle to complete my budget for this small studio. My purchasing month will be march and before I can use the studio for projects it will take time, for now let me show you some of the pictures the studio can produce pre purchasing of equipment. #Hardtimes.

I took my Video light and plugged the softbox. It looked like shit.

But lets still check on how the lights would look based on a wall background rather than a Cloth or paper backdrop.


Nikon Sb5100
Nikon Sb5100

I used 2 cameras for testing, the Nikon point and shoot sb5100 and my Oppo Reno6. Oppo has good exposures while the old Sb5100 is kinda struggling with the Auto Focus so I had to take a number of shots just to get something in focus.

In monochrome
In monochrome
Underexposed Photo using Coolpix SB5100
Underexposed Photo using Coolpix SB5100

Old Nikon Cameras can still produce good images but you can tell the developments from modern coolpix cameras that sb5100 is very old. Last photo for the Nikon Coolpix.

The light was received okay using the coolpix but not as good as newer Coolpix cameras. My exposure meter was right on the middle not overexposed but just right.


The Oppo Reno6 had better exposures but the quality is much more less in terms of texture and pixel. The technology and Ai of the oppo produced better looking pictures but with less quality.

I had fun with the Oppo its focus system was better and it was just tap tap tap. A very usable device to take decent portraits for Social Media and blogs. Who needs a Bridge and a point and shoot?
“I still prefer point and shoots though. Shhhhhh….”

Mobile Portraits is fun. I am not into portrait photography but sometimes I take photos of family and friends. It is not my forte but it is also a fun style or type of photography. Taking portraits is also one of my lack in terms of photographic imaging and style. I am planning to venture in depth with this style in the future. Portrait photography is also the unescapable image for everybody wants to be photographed and be seen in a rectagular space or square. It brings memories or maybe just pure vanity.

I can’t post family portraits here or portraits I took cause it feels weird to post family pictures specially if it is your family. I can post maybe some simple portraits just for reference on how I take portraits. One is landscape square and one is a traditional portrait.



Some say that cropping is done not on the joint but I just think of it this way, do not crop out of context of your shape. That is my simple rule but if you do not like my rule then shit. I suck at portraits. I just prefer to crop in context of the shape. A round face must be contained what is within that round face must be expressed. It is that simple cropping rules can go to the trash bin but most of the times cropping rules still fit with my technique I just don’t like thinking of it. 


Self portraits is just selfies. It is challenging and fun and so the only thing I can do with it is to practice my posing, my gestures and my directing as per models. To know how to direct a model is to slightly know how it works.

So to end this blog is to just say lets hope this studio goes somewhere in the future and produce good photographs to be published and be seen by the people who supports it. 

New Year FIreworks 2023

Happy new year everyone. 2022 was not a blast but a transitionary phase extending 2021 post covid paradigm to 2022. Now that it is 2023 the question in my mind is what will be this year? My plans this year is to open the Majos Studios for work and fund it for film and photography jobs. I basically need a couple of million pesos to make this happen with an estimated quarter of a million annual expense. Where will I get the money? I still do not know where to get it based on current economic demands and situations. Photography has been challenged for the past 3 years, everyone seems to be doing photography for fun and imagery is evolving into a more metaverse metafi type of way. Images are no longer for the moments but for the rarity and aesthetics. This is a downside for me for I prioritize the moments over the quality of the photo, or is it me being lazy.


I like the chamba effect it surprises me and increases my sensitivity towards my photography, sometimes a good moment is just nearby, getting your camera ready to shoot is a fun feeling. In a photography most of the time the value is seen in post rather than during the shoot or during the capturing of moments. A lot of things are happening during a shoot that your mind cannot precisely see value, even if you write everything down and create the image piece by piece in a studio, values starts to emerge during post. The contemplative effect of processing for me made me realize that as a fact. I may be wrong but my style of photography taught me that.

Exploring the chamba effect this 2023 will be lessened due to me opening up a studio. This will be a challenge for me for I need to think of ways to create value not based on what is happening but based on what will according to my fixed sets of elements inside a small studio. I am thinking to start with the glamour project but that could lead to women and dating. I read some glamour photography books but it doesn’t hit me well, I feel like Paparazzi photography is a better thing to do, chasing celebrities is fun. I wish myself luck on this Portrait photography studio project. I will post a full tour of the studio in the future.


The studio ideally will be composed of 2 50sqm apartments but I can only rent 1 as of now. 1 studio will be for portrait photography and the other will be for music and video production. My longterm plan is to purchase a property and make it a production studio. The studios will be small but in time I hope I can get a 300sqm to 500sqm place where I can do my photography and get higher paying projects. as of now this is just in my head and 10% on paper and assets. Let us see what will happen.


All I can say is this New Year 2023 will be a hard one and full of handling errand such as purchasing, budgeting and getting things together so for now lets just look at the fireworks and hope for the best.

Catching Covid 19 A 10 day Quarantine Boredom

I am writing this 8 days after quarantine. I tested positive of Covid 19. I took up some meds and a lot of sleep.  I will describe my experience using photos taken by Oppo Reno 6.

I first had my symptoms thiking it was just a common flu, I took some medicine and went on doing what I do. I even did an unboxing of a 50w light bulb explaining the big difference in perception and exposures. 

50 Watts

Having some dry cough and stuffed nose being noticed by my mother she deicded to persuade me to take a test. It turned out positive and by then I needed to go to quarantine. 

Getting stuck inside a house with no computer and just having a mobile phone sucks. It is good that I also had my guitar with me at the 5th day during quarantine time. 

Dizzy waking states are present during covid, I felt like having a huge cloud up my head, I feel this when there is a heavy density of 4G or 5G waves. It is more intesne when you have COVID 19. Dehydration is alse present. Oxygen intake is best. 

Days of rest water and meds fixed it, on my 8th day I tested negative. 

Having covid is not an eye opener or a life changing event it is more like that times are changing and what can we do? Endure? The feeling sucks and I learned no lesson at all it was like a big bundle of further confusion about nature and the future of biology and health. Also my moles started to pop out all over my body. 

For everyone to have a peaceful mind. Take your meds, be hydrated and always drink your vitamins. 

I am still alive. 

Lazy Wednesday I Ran Out of Cash

I was counting my money and I owe the bank almost $1000 dollars. I only have less than a $100 in my pocket with low income cash flow, I decided to get serious with this blogging, from this day forward I will blog 500 words per post. I think that blogging rather than focusing on my photography is not a good idea but when it comes to getting your income right, you have to things like this. How can I open my studio? if I do not have enough income to sustain it.

Lets get into some psycadelic ramblings for now:

In my eyes I see hereos tons of them
Embeded in silver and metals
When will we take this to values more than a tree leaf
or the tree leaf really thus have more for it sustains

lets get into what light reflects
spectrums explored
being such, my ramblings mean not
you are to accept a bigger shock
like a rock to bind your love
or a rock and metal to bind your neck

earth is a good thing metals and paper
a wonderful thing, it limits and expands
contracts and expands
like a living being it exists
being experienced by the palms of our hands

Enough lousy poetry. lets talk now about photography. I used a Nikon SB5100 point and shoot on this one hand held and lazy. My title is about being lazy because it is really a lazy wednesday. I grabbed my camera as I count my money to pay for a drink and some tobacco. I was thinking I am getting poor but paying my bills is more responsible in todays world as the same or even more as getting a college degree. I remember the days when graduates who can’t find a job is being ridiculed for they cannot pay their bills, who can blame them? No one is hiring. The peoples of the world started to gauge success based on responsible spending and not getting into debt. I think it didn’t stick. That in mind, I wanted to put that in photography. How? I just took a photo and let my eye point me to where. being poor i guess makes a better message than showing my bill being paid. Does it make sense? I am just rambling. LMFAO.

Dirty money for it is dusty?

One day maybe I might produce a better shoot than scattering 1 peso coins on the table with zero lighting and a lousy flash metered to random perfection. Do you feel bored? I am now reaching the 500 mark number of words per article as of the moment. Do you feel the laziness and persistence mixing together just to reach that mark? I will show you a secret to success in photography. Buy a point and shoot and buy a proper full frame or APS -C sensor. Take photos everyday if you can and make it normal in your life. Explore humanity in ways that it will benifit yourself and others. Do not be intrusive in taking other peoples photos be in harmony.

A film making mantram is “If you enjoyed making the film, people will enjoy watching it. ” So do not be intrusive and irritate your subject just flow with it, set aside the know how for a while and the rules zen out and take photos. Rules and Exposure strategies is just light printing itself unto the sensor or film, it is not your job. Your job is to permit light to enter the sensor or film. You making that composition in partnership of light printing it makes the art.

Fireworks 2022

It’s been 2 years of keeping that tradition of taking photos of fireworks when the end of the year comes, my 2021 firework photos got deleted due to storage errors. I lost a lot of photos since 2014 and when I say a lot i mean really a lot like years of work and practice. I always felt like quitting this photography and imagine gig. Anyways 2022 is a New year lets hope for the best. I am writing this 2022 december cause I am such a liar. 

Guava photography martin belgica mobile photography

Myphone WX2 Pro Photo Samples

Self Portraits were Uploaded on instagram but due to Social Media Frenzy I bailed out and deleted everything, just bear with my laziness and hope most people get back to their senses. It is much worse than you can imagine. The frenzy is way beyond human mundane thinking. The world is insane. Think tech hysteria with a twist. 

X symbol Marlboro lights Cigarette

Youtube 2010 – 2021

I ended officially using Youtube even for video hosting it is too unhealthy for my brain. So back to taking photos of random things. Do not look for a plot or story line. It will be just random.

Camera down….

CX900 Camera Zeiss Lens

Script into the trash bin…………..

Papunta sa kanya script majos belgica majos films

It is just wrong…

X symbol Marlboro lights Cigarette

Relax and see the beauty of nature….

Sunset Yellow Sunflower Street

Ohhh shit covid 19 still here, I better protect myself.

Alchohol Spray , Face mask Isopropyl Alchohol
Alchohol Spray , Face mask

Lights Out///////////// Early Camera existing inside the house

Light bulb in green room

The end Youtube 2010 – 2021

Vello bracket Setup with Myphone mobile phone

MyPhone Vello Bracket Setup

Doing Mobile Photography with smartphones using Myphone Myxi1 Plus, sometimes lacks things like extra key light and the usage of bokeh effect with light so I decided to gear things up with my vello brackets.

Vello bracket Setup with Myphone mobile phone 

Vello bracket Setup with Myphone mobile phone[/caption]

I put up 2 Andoer Video lights and a vello bracket CB 510 and a clamp on with a wide angle Clip on lens.

Singing Bowl Photo taken using Myphone Mobile Phones
Singing Bowl Photo taken using Myphone Mobile Phones
Stuffed toys Bear and Bunny Photo taken using Myphone Mobile Phones
Stuffed toys Bear and Bunny Photo taken using Myphone Mobile Phones

It might look stupid for some but it can create a different type of photo a different look and feel.


Will resume taking photos for instagram with my phone in a couple of days. 🙂
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Car polisher and motor oil ; Flash photography 1

Testing the Nikon D3500 Entry Level Camera using Flash

I was planning to buy a d500 again as said in my previous blog posts but time and money ended me up on buying a d3500 entry level camera. Its a good camera and I have produced good photos with entry level bodies. I guess I would just endure this phase again till I get professional bodies for professional work. Waiting and patience.

From D3400 during my Pinoypap days to D3500 for ???? Who knows.. Street or maybe some sports??

Due to Covid 19 situation raising up to 8000 this march 2021 going out to do street photography is a hassle. The risk of getting infected is there and so staying near proximity to home is still the best. Waiting till it goes down to 2000 then planning my trips will be back on my tasks.

This is my first exposure. The challenge is to isolate the subject in darkness and get them all in focus. I now set up the flash sb 910 and took another exposure.

At this point the arrangement was not still on check due to me just checking my exposures and relying on camera metering. I then arranged the gizmos to fit the look I want.

The shadows were harsh but the darkness I want was there. I then tried to arrange it and compose the camera better. I then exposed it normally with flash.

Thinking here I decided to point the flash on bounce on the table and covered the fill area with some reflective material.


ISO 100
Flash 1/1

Slightly overexposed I got this photo overpowering the background was slightly achieved. Now I decided to lower the intensity of the light from the flash to do the trick.


ISO 100
Flash 1/32

Now I got the subject exposed and the background dark a little post processing shall do the trick .

This was the look I was looking for but if you have a good Black backdrop then that would be much easier but that is the essence of photography do fun things.

FYI this is me just trying to find things to post .. COVID 19 sucks… Promise to do another d3500 test on social and active settings.

Tweak the contrast based on your liking .. 🙂 I would like to express my photographs in ways that is not usual. The vintage feel seems cool, let us lower the saturation. Playing with saturation and curves is fun.