Using Xpens Can I draw?

I am not good at drawing things, I can draw but it is purely scattered and abstract. The good thing about drawing is that I can make manifest my ideas on paper, thanks to Xpens I can now do it digitally.

Onion is an abstract drawing I have done resembling ground and a supposed to be onion on it.


As of now I am using it to texture but trying to texture is hard for me. Using an image of a river I tried to duplicate it but sadly I failed drawing a river looking image. It sucks. My texturing methods is so bad that I just decided to quit it.


I like practicing and drawing a realistic eye can be fun but due to my lack of skills it ended up something like this. I am so behind in my drawing skills that this is what a 37 year old man can draw. Pure Madness. A form of divination maybe. Drawing is like shamanism it just happens. How it will end up is purely imagination but skill on the side of abstract thinking is measurement and precision, that I am not good. How is our perfect circle?

Coloring Using the Xpen

Coloring using the Xpen feels different the stroke of the hand makes it more real compared to clicking the mouse and just using the color select and fuzzy tool. here is a sample of what I thought of.

Originally it looks like this:

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