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Writing for this site is now being Framed as Blasphemic Cause

Update On What is Happening Sep 2023 | When Saturn Lost its grip on Earth |

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Many imposters of the powers of the air and some real powers has been labelling my writings as blasphemic cause and it is not good for me and the curious. What is blasphemic cause? Blasphemic cause is an accusation that the energy of a human and his/her thoughts can create changes in reality to inflict sacrilegious effects. Writing about God in a blog or an article can cause a human reader to spread a lie or an idea that causes harm to a person’s faith towards God and humanity. 

I am accused of that and it is not true but partially my writings do cause thinking in directions not desired by the coward but it is not against the church or the holy spirit but a choice or preference as contrast to what is divine holy and not holy divinity.

Writing further in the subjects of meditation is carefully being diminished by these said forces. I have many to tell and a lot to write but this censorship by the gods of the World Wide Web and the progress of materialistic thought towards the future is a very strict competitor towards the evolution of humanity. 

I a former satanist Magus under the Name Haios, the sound of my name but not it, Is in dilemma about my right to publish thoughts and letters about the subject I love the most. The mystery of Reality and God. 

I post this 5:25pm 
9/27/23 Gregorian Calendar 

What will the future bring ?? I do not know, to the soldiers of light and understanding might it be luciferian Christos or Yashuan Christos may we be guided true towards the future. Prepare for a great confusion. Witches guard your temples of Hecate, Gaia and Diana, Priests fortify your churches, Rudras dissolve into shivas grace. I will be here contemplating time space and Bimbos.


Cause and Effect My thoughts on Causality and Karma


What is karma? Karma is causality. Many people believe that karma is judgement from the lord or deity, but it is not. Karma is basically the observed reality of effects based on causes. Let us go into a probable past where nomads were studying the map of the plains and trying to navigate the best place for food. The nomads will certainly make mistakes but committing a lot of mistakes leads to the tribes suffering or even death. To solve this problem one great sage, prophet or thinker will establish a form of notation or record keeping on what actions result to what effect, such writings and record keeping is like a book of karma.

Example :
Do not leave big fires unattended. Why? Animals might stroll around and spread fire throughout the village or tents.

Do not go deep in the forest without enough resources and weapons such as machetes or blades. Why? Harmful animals and natural elements might hinder you from coming back to the tribe.

Thus, these things are karmic patterns. What you do is what you get. In a popular sense. “What you put out is what you receive.”, another form of karma in a more subtle rather than gross form.

Let us define karma based on modern definitions.
“Karma is a concept of action, work or deed, and its effect or consequences. In Indian religions, the term more specifically refers to a principle of cause and effect, often descriptively called the principle of karma, wherein intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect):”

So, karma is basically cause and effect, now let us dive into the mastery or understanding of karma in an adept perspective. Knowing karma is just understanding Bad == Bad and Good == Good . Knowing this results in an intuitive knowing on what and not what to do. The Torah or bible is a good book to understand karma. The experiences of the people of God, the 12 tribes have been through enough causes to know enough effects to survive for millennia. Some texts even know good karma as per the proverbs of Solomon. The manuscript of good karma and bad karma in a book. The maturity of the person reading will understand karma in a deeper sense when they read a karmic book such as the bible, fairytales, puranas and even silly stories from the streets is a story about karma. All tales kept, preserved and passed on is a story of karma. Knowing most stories and reading most books that gives a moral lesson is a book about karma. Even tragedies are warning books of bad karma. Understanding karma this way will make you see that publishing of texts and media is based purely on spreading the word of karma.

An adept in karma need not experience all the bad karma and hardships of the world. They need only to be open to hear, see and listen. Appreciate all the publishers in the world that spread the stories of karma from the past till today. It keeps us alive.


The book of karma is all our collective experiences leading to wellbeing, may it be a bad karmic book of sinister origin or a saintly tale of a devoted Christian. It is my intention and the intention of all writers and poets to keep the tradition of spreading the good news of karmic life, alive and preserved and without it we might go extinct. Keep reading the books people publish, it could be about something bad, a karmic tragedy or something good like a tale of grace, victory and luck. Keep seeing, reading and hearing the society of karmic preachers. The writers and the poets, the film makers and the songwriters and the lawmakers and philosophers. They are all part of the society of karma. The society of causality keeping the writings and tales of survival and triumph alive since the birth of the first monkey man.

Mosquitos Feast On My Body

The mosquito Scenario.

Here we are after working out and doing some wanna be ‘kung fu’ moves I sitted in meditation and the mosquitos approached my body and went to feast. I let the mosquitos feast on my body for a couple of seconds then warned them for a good afterlife. The mosquitos agreed. The drank and feasted for their very last meal.

What is a mosquito? it is an insect that is very popular in the world, it is silent sometimes deadly with the right immune system, it is not harmful but a weak body system these insects might cause a deadly disease. I like mosquitos it makes you feel like part of an evolved kind of species, looking at these little insects getting drunk on your blood is like a vampiric nostalgia. What is a vampire? who knows maybe some vampires are mosquitos pre evolution, are vampires real? I think so.


Them sucking my blood feels like it is natural. I am sometimes the prey, it humbles down the being, it makes us think life is a cyclical thing, sperm to dust. In the middle is being a host of nutrition for insects. Yum yum yum , Nom nom nom. I feel weak but not really it is like giving, the problem is when they get drunk of blood they no longer fly away. They stay like a greedy insect too drunk to move away, and so I swat them with my palms.

I took my towel and killed a number of them laid them down to see their corpse ready for disposal. Do I care about these insects? not really but they are part of nature that I think maintains the balance of our ecosystem. I heard that in my science class before, even fungus is that important, decomposing the dead. Talking about vampires and decomposing dead feels like this is getting darker. Luckily my towels are white. So lets arrange these insects into a beautiful pre burial ceremony I mean pre ‘disposal’.


I think what is next is a great deal of debt, not having a high income and lacking projects for years since covid 19 and the 2018 – 2019 mix up and the studio rent. 4 to 5 digit debt in dollars and 6 figure debt in pesos. If I can manage to pay everything that I doubt will happen due to economic projections I will just endure the debt and sell whatever. I still have money to survive but not enough money to do things. My 1000sqm Studio vision might be a long game after all.

Anyway that is it, this is another post for the month of january. You can comment below on what type of photography you want for febuary. I am thinking of doing some glamour and portraits but paying for models that can do things correctly might be costy. There are people who would pay me to get photographed but not really professionals, shooting aspiring models might work but I think practicing the wrong things might halt the 150k formula. less than 10 a year will do. What I mean about less than 10 is you can practice the wrong things but not enough to fuck up your art. Music school know how.

“It is not how long your practice it is how you practice.”
-1st violin Miss Anon from Paul