Writing for this site is now being Framed as Blasphemic Cause

Update On What is Happening Sep 2023 | When Saturn Lost its grip on Earth |

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Many imposters of the powers of the air and some real powers has been labelling my writings as blasphemic cause and it is not good for me and the curious. What is blasphemic cause? Blasphemic cause is an accusation that the energy of a human and his/her thoughts can create changes in reality to inflict sacrilegious effects. Writing about God in a blog or an article can cause a human reader to spread a lie or an idea that causes harm to a person’s faith towards God and humanity. 

I am accused of that and it is not true but partially my writings do cause thinking in directions not desired by the coward but it is not against the church or the holy spirit but a choice or preference as contrast to what is divine holy and not holy divinity.

Writing further in the subjects of meditation is carefully being diminished by these said forces. I have many to tell and a lot to write but this censorship by the gods of the World Wide Web and the progress of materialistic thought towards the future is a very strict competitor towards the evolution of humanity. 

I a former satanist Magus under the Name Haios, the sound of my name but not it, Is in dilemma about my right to publish thoughts and letters about the subject I love the most. The mystery of Reality and God. 

I post this 5:25pm 
9/27/23 Gregorian Calendar 

What will the future bring ?? I do not know, to the soldiers of light and understanding might it be luciferian Christos or Yashuan Christos may we be guided true towards the future. Prepare for a great confusion. Witches guard your temples of Hecate, Gaia and Diana, Priests fortify your churches, Rudras dissolve into shivas grace. I will be here contemplating time space and Bimbos.


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