Studio Update and Self Portraits

I have some updates on the studio. I have added curtains and clothing hanger for wardrobe. I have also installed a full body mirror and a half body mirror for makeup and fitting. There is still a longway to go...Read More

3 Point Lighting Recap as an Idea

BANGING OF LIGHTLight touches another is like a union of sensations. A subject when touched by two light sources is like a good old delicious sandwich. 1 point or 1 source of light is not enough to make a good...Read More

Churches We Went to for the Holy Week 2023

Churches we went to Holy week 2023. Marikina Churches, 7 churches in Marikina. Saint Gabriel, Saint francis, Saint Paul, Marist school and Marian Missionaries of the Holy Cross Marikina. Marikina 7 churches. Holy week church visits Marikina. Copyright Protected More