Month: April 2023

Studio Update and Self Portraits

I have some updates on the studio. I have added curtains and clothing hanger for wardrobe. I have also installed a full body mirror and a half body mirror for makeup and fitting. There is still a longway to go for this photography studio. For the mean time I took some self portraits and did some random recording to test my equipment and its response to my chosen internet provider and also the flow of work that could happen in the future.



Do you know the feeling of having a place to do work but not have anywork to do besides buying stuff to make things better? That situtation is my situation. The studio is now ready for use with some lack but how can we get better funding if the work or demand is super low in the small mid scale of things. Do we still need studios to get signed by an agency? There are a lot of questions in mind about the industry adding Artificial intelligence to that in the area of employment, we can feel and say that work is under threat.

Thinking something as time goes by is becoming a default fot there is that thought of having the place but not doing anything in it. Each afternoon inside my studio I tend to test and do things just to feel that there is something productive going on but it is not the case. The main idea of what I want to say is if there is nothing to do thinking of doing something becomes a default when you are in the environment of a workplace.


Working in a place you own has some good things in it. You can take of your shirt and relax. Working in an environment that is not yours tends to make you feel like choosing time, should I speed up time in my mind or not? Speeding up time is based on the idea that, “Hey today my boss sucks and so I hope this gets done urgently so that I can have some simple errands to do and go home.” Having fun on a place you don’t own tends to be the slowing down of time. Going home after work and still having that itch to finish the job or get it done makes you feel bad and excited to go back to work the next day.

If you own the place on the other side the spectrum quadrant of progress is you might feel differently, I feel like I want to accomplish more get things done and move forward into more things I can fit inside my schedule. Paying the bills of a place or a workplace makes you utilize the workplace and do much work as you can, getting tired sometimes is no longer an option but a privilege of feeling I have done something worth a couple of days or you can say worth some cash in the future.


Hoping for good things in the future and for now I tested the studio continuous lights at 50w and I got these types of photos.

3 Point Lighting Recap as an Idea

Light touches another is like a union of sensations. A subject when touched by two light sources is like a good old delicious sandwich. 1 point or 1 source of light is not enough to make a good photo. 2 light sources creates a mergence of two light sources creating an extra dimensional feel. Let me illustrate this. In the day we have 1 light source that is the sun and in the night we have the moon. 2 point lighting and 3 point lighting creates the sensation of having an extra dimension impossible to our native or primal senses. Here is an example of 1 point lighting photo.


See the light that touches the subject makes it seen with enough drama such as chiaroscuro a contrasting image that makes a person think directly to observe. Observing these types of images tickles the mind for it is normal and primal and touches the inner guts of experiencing life. It is familiar, normal and full of direct seeing or observing. It evokes the past and what is everyday life. It makes us feel and remember the day or what can be tommorow the dimension of normalcy or the mundane expressed in a drama.


2 point lighting now creates a mergences of 2 light sources. We all know that more light creates a more quality photo. An image with more light sources in 2 positions now creates the extra dimension that most people do not experience. A house with lots of light sources is illuminated and creates a magical appearance compared to a house with one light source per room. The magic of light now is created in 2 point lighting. See the mergence of light in the face of the subject. This gives us the sensation of something extraordinary, the unfamilliar the impossible in our primal brains. This technique emerged and became the standard for most for it creates that feel of having that extra dimension beyond what is normal or the expanded drama of what is and what is possible. Compared to what is 2 point lighting it creates an additional layer of dimension that evokes and sees the future while the 1 point lighting makes us feel what is real and makes us re think the past and what is.


3 point lighting is the crowning glory of graphing light, photography made this the standard and in film because it made people look like royals infront of the camera. The hair light and back light made them like the holy saints of religious culture. Think about the aura, how can a person produce an aura in the physical world? The hair light or back light made this happen, a sense of royal divinity in photo imaging. This 3 point lighting technique is used in most glamour shoots and portrait shoots to create that feel of importance and royal status even though the person is not a real royal to the nation but a royal to its people as a sub culture and a society.

Enjoy 3 point lighting and my views about it, make use of it as a creative process and expression, my claims and ramblings about light and photography is not set in stone, we are forever evolving in understanding printing and light. The graphing of light continues to evolve even if Ai is kind of winning the game let us embrace the old techniques that are neglected and forgotten in time let’s keep and recelebrate the methods for the futures to come.

General Santos City Few Snaps

General Santos City Travel Trip

I brought my Z6 Camera for the trip. I had no plans on taking photos for the trip in terms of creativity but just a fun couple of days with some photos that I feel I should take a snapshot of. General Santos City is part of Southern Mindanao where the Tuna and the people are bright. I like the place for its fertile produces like fruits such as Durian, Mangosteen and Pineapples. The fish produce also is delicious. Lets go now into the journey with some snapshots I took for the trip. Have fun and just read along with me as we travel.

We stayed on a house near the main city and it was a breezy and cool vibe, the heat of the noon sun though is very hot, I can say during summer but according to locals as I remember it occurs almost the full year except on winter season. A memorable moment I think could be the bukid view on the balcony of the house. It makes you feel relaxed and zoned.


The next day we went to Glan and ate some Buko Halo, Halohalo inside a coconut fruit. It was delicious. Here are photos of my auntie eating Buko halo in our travel.


After a good dessert treat we went to the beach to catch some ocean breeze. The beaches in General Santos City is still fresh and clean unlike some beaches that are overcrowded and full of commercialism. General Santos beaches are still natural in its state. White sands and blue skies with some locals swimming and having fun is a memorable moment for me.


Then after a good breeze we then visited Don Juan’s Heritage Mansion. A very old filipino spanish house that has some good antique collection. I will not post the photos of some pieces here for I am too lazy to do research on all of them so I will just post some snapshots of what is in Don Juan’s estate. The beach front,parts of the estate, a boat and the house. 



I hope you enjoyed the pictures of what it might be like inside Don Juan’s Mansion, visit so you can see too for yourself. Lets move further into the next day of the trip.


Going further into the future of this trip we went to DOLE camp. A pineapple farm that sells canned pineapple drinks. It was delicious and full of freshness. Here are some cute sculptures of DOLE Camp.

also some good juice, golf carts and many more visit to see. The most fun about this place is the kulintang display. I was tempted to play it even though I do not know how to play and so I stared at it thinking of playing it till it dawned on me that all I can do is to take a photo.

This photo is so bad that I blame the Nikkor 35mm. It seems unable to use AF system and I was not thinking of taking good photos that much so please bear with the quality.


Now for the last part of this blog post. is SG farms. I will upload a couple of photos about SG farms and its sorroundings, beautiful flowers and people.

Here is a gallery.

Hope you enjoyed this post. 
Till next time …