Relying on Language to Survive

What is the purpose of communication and language? Let us dive into its wanderings.

こんにちわ わたし わ 生き延びる する. 元気 ますた。

Will you survive the Japanese world with your english alone? Or will nihongo save you from certain despair and confusion? 苦し.


Thought in form is language, if a thought is blurry it can never be described, if a thought is vivid and clear it can be described written and drawn. Why did I use Kanji with the pervious? sentences , it is because it is a form of drawing, not remembering that the english alphabet as letters are also drawings. This shifts the brain that novels are drawing codes based on alpha numeric systems. Relying on language to survive is the realization that a clear mind always draws thoughts in forms. Write a short story then you will realize the magic and wonders of the mind. We all do rely in language to survive, codes even though we have the forgetfulness of seeing it not as a form of drawing. Language is life.

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