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Imaging and Slow Internet. What is Happening to the Metaverse Trend?

What is happening to the Metaverse Trend?

Tech and it’s problem with Hacking is a risk that most people like me do not want to invest money in. The ‘weary’ vibes is strong in todays digital web landscape. Owning digital assets registered as token assets or potential money bit is there but a risky investment. Making it on the other hand is cool but with no promise of selling or making money. Money is still slim as of 10/31/2023.


My internet is so slow that finishing work is hard. Doing things offline is better. Unplugging and doing work I think accomplishes more than waiting for the browser to load with inconsistency. I no longer have goals for the website aside from creating a smart home. The capital to fund it will be my problem but not to post on this website. As for the Halloween I will post 5 photos that can describe or portray the entering of the winter season.

May the departed be at peace the souls and the saints. AMEN.

META VERSE is not yet that established……….Too Fragile………..
Imaging feels like a dead end and plugging it to the metaverse feels like a neglected circuit.



Morphed Box…….!!!!?????


Circuit >>>>


Studio Update and Self Portraits

I have some updates on the studio. I have added curtains and clothing hanger for wardrobe. I have also installed a full body mirror and a half body mirror for makeup and fitting. There is still a longway to go for this photography studio. For the mean time I took some self portraits and did some random recording to test my equipment and its response to my chosen internet provider and also the flow of work that could happen in the future.



Do you know the feeling of having a place to do work but not have anywork to do besides buying stuff to make things better? That situtation is my situation. The studio is now ready for use with some lack but how can we get better funding if the work or demand is super low in the small mid scale of things. Do we still need studios to get signed by an agency? There are a lot of questions in mind about the industry adding Artificial intelligence to that in the area of employment, we can feel and say that work is under threat.

Thinking something as time goes by is becoming a default fot there is that thought of having the place but not doing anything in it. Each afternoon inside my studio I tend to test and do things just to feel that there is something productive going on but it is not the case. The main idea of what I want to say is if there is nothing to do thinking of doing something becomes a default when you are in the environment of a workplace.


Working in a place you own has some good things in it. You can take of your shirt and relax. Working in an environment that is not yours tends to make you feel like choosing time, should I speed up time in my mind or not? Speeding up time is based on the idea that, “Hey today my boss sucks and so I hope this gets done urgently so that I can have some simple errands to do and go home.” Having fun on a place you don’t own tends to be the slowing down of time. Going home after work and still having that itch to finish the job or get it done makes you feel bad and excited to go back to work the next day.

If you own the place on the other side the spectrum quadrant of progress is you might feel differently, I feel like I want to accomplish more get things done and move forward into more things I can fit inside my schedule. Paying the bills of a place or a workplace makes you utilize the workplace and do much work as you can, getting tired sometimes is no longer an option but a privilege of feeling I have done something worth a couple of days or you can say worth some cash in the future.


Hoping for good things in the future and for now I tested the studio continuous lights at 50w and I got these types of photos.

not my photo powered by

Glamour Photography Goals

not my photo powered by
not my photo powered by


My goal on this site is to create a good profile and provide good photos for my website and share it here as  a mode of scouting potential models. I can promise this site to write regular blogs about sex I think or maybe my life venturing into glamour photography.  Let’s start to ask why glamour photography? I like glamour photography in a way due to me collecting glamour photos from local models who sells their photos online. I like to collect things on my hard drive and computer but not as stolen photos but as owned copies. I like owning the photos as a goal a contribution of some sorts and also create my own. I also like glamour due to the point is sexually stimulating in the brain. It excites the senses. I do plan to write a book about glamour photography but my skills in portrait photography is not that good. I will cross post on this social platform as a main archive then release it on my website as photographic works. 


Not my Photo Powered by

Collecting photos is also a good way to study other peoples work before I dive into the genre of Glamour photography deeper. Swimsuits, Underwear, Boudoir, Erotica and Modern Glamour is kinda intimidating, working with a woman who expresses sexuality on set sure is a challenge. It will be a bit hard but we gotta do it for the work and growth of my photographic skills. Collecting photos from other photographers and making my own will be assisted by analysis and creative referencing. So feel free to plug your work and galleries on my account. I do purchase photos, license and own copyrights. It is a good study and attractive archive library to own. 


First I want to get into the adult and sensual side for a year and take photographs of non professional models and aspiring models before I spend money on production costs taking photos of professionals. Working with professionals as a carry shoot is not ideal for me but it is a risky rewarding move, financially it could drain my finances. $4000 dollars of travel and production costs could be used up and not knowing what I am doing can be a bad idea. I do know how to take photographs but working with professional glamour models is not my comfort zone. I do not fear it cause I am a very courageous ‘sexy man’ but the money side of things might be a little hassle. 


Glamour photography might cost a lot of money, location wise taking a sexy professional model on a small studio like mine is not glamour, Glamour as the word translates to luxury , sexy, fame , fortune and extravagance so taking that into account you do know that the clothes are less but the location is rich and luxurious. A cheap motel isn’t glamorous but a Presedential Suite definitely is glamour. Flight into locations, model costs and their travel expenses will be really a cut in my bank account. Me having only a small studio to work with, this site would really help me scout for more affordable alternatives.

Value estimates 2023 from Blog post .

(Estimates not Accurate based on cost from Philippines) 

PROFESSIONAL WORK (Major publishing) 

Location  @ $4000 

Travel expesnses @ $4000  

Food and After party Expense @ $2000 

Model Costs @$5000 

Crew and MYself @$4000 

Other costs @$5000 


$25,000 – $48,000

NON PROFESSIONAL (minor publishing/not published)

Location  @ $1300

Travel expesnses @ $1300 

Food and After party Expense @ $700 

Model Costs @$1700 

Crew and MYself @$1300

Other costs @$1700


$8,000 – $15,400 


NON PROFESSIONAL (For archives and Not publlshed)

Location  @ $400

Travel expenses @ $400

Food and After party Expense @ $200 

Model Costs @$500 

Crew and Myself @$400

Other costs @$500


$2,400 – $4,600