My Flamenco Journey 2024

This journey starts for reasons of stagnation and economics. Doing media production resulted to nothing and persisting on doing photography will end me with a 6 figure debt with a lot of cameras hanging around without any use. I rather...Read More

Japan A trip of Questions and Amazements

Japan Nihon...A very interesting space on earth. A land full of culture and heritage leaping with technological force. Seeing Japan is like acquiring a cube. A land with different faces. My family went to Osaka, Nagoya and Kyoto. I being...Read More

New Year FIreworks 2023

Happy new year everyone. 2022 was not a blast but a transitionary phase extending 2021 post covid paradigm to 2022. Now that it is 2023 the question in my mind is what will be this year? My plans this year...Read More