Mosquitos Feast On My Body

What is a mosquito? it is an insect that is very popular in the world, it is silent sometimes deadly, with the right immune system it is not harmful but with a weak body system these insects might cause a deadly disease. I like mosquitos it makes you feel like part of an evolved kind of species, looking at these little insects getting drunk on your blood is like a vampiric nostalgia. What is a vampire? who knows maybe some vampires are mosquitos pre evolution, are vampires real? I think so.


Them sucking my blood feels like it is natural. I am sometimes the prey, it humbles down the being, it makes us think life is a cyclical thing, sperm to dust. In the middle is being a host of nutrition for insects. Yum yum yum , Nom nom nom. I feel weak but not really it is like giving, the problem is when they get drunk of blood they no longer fly away. They stay like a greedy insect too drunk to move away, and so I swat them with my palms.

I took my towel and killed a number of them laid them down to see their corpse ready for disposal. Do I care about these insects? not really but they are part of nature that I think maintains the balance of our ecosystem. I heard that in my science class before, even fungus is that important, decomposing the dead. Talking about vampires and decomposing dead feels like this is getting darker. Luckily my towels are white. So lets arrange these insects into a beautiful pre burial ceremony I mean pre ‘disposal’.


I think what is next is a great deal of debt, not having a high income and lacking projects for years since covid 19 and the 2018 – 2019 mix up and the studio rent. 4 to 5 digit debt in dollars and 6 figure debt in pesos. If I can manage to pay everything that I doubt will happen due to economic projections I will just endure the debt and sell whatever. I still have money to survive but not enough money to do things. My 1000sqm Studio vision might be a long game after all.

Anyway that is it, this is another post for the month of january. You can comment below on what type of photography you want for febuary. I am thinking of doing some glamour and portraits but paying for models that can do things correctly might be costy. There are people who would pay me to get photographed but not really professionals, shooting aspiring models might work but I think practicing the wrong things might halt the 150k formula. less than 10 a year will do. What I mean about less than 10 is you can practice the wrong things but not enough to fuck up your art. Music school know how.

“It is not how long your practice it is how you practice.”
-1st violin Miss Anon from Paul  S Violin 2nd Violin


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