Tamron 18 – 400mm test metering problems

Here is what happened when I switched to 18mm it kept its aperture at f/6.7 the metering was off and so again I shoot on the go so I do not check that much when I do these types of photography, the lens camera relationship didn’t work. I was expecting the lens to go to aperture f/3.5 at 18mm.

My metering was off but that is part of my style of photography checking your metering is recommended but sometimes that moment has passed when you look at the view finder you lost that shot. I was expecting it to go to f/3.5 but the case is the lens needed to adjust at that metering and so the lens has a lag on switching apertures pre focusing I guess would help to get a better shot and exposure.

Overall it was a good lens to shoot with. Focal lengths at your disposal with a relaxed paced shooting it will fit this lens well. Fast paced action and photography though I recommend faster lenses never mind the fungus I will get it cleaned in the future.

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