Ai against Man. A friendly Rivalry……

Looking on facebook I saw a page group that posts image processing content and I figured why not try it. The topic will be image restoration. Restoring image is not my thing but I do have enough knowledge about texture , color and light to make it work.

Original Image : Post by Efa Octoso Bandong | Facebook

Look at what Ai did. How on earth did you???

Post by : Marichelle Bonagan Caday | Facebook

Post by : Dela Cruz Agustin-Ergo Thelma | Facebook


Me not having enough skill to restore photos and images, I felt like I am obsolete, like an irrelevant skill I have is now just for self amusement of the marketplace. Where to go? My first attempt of image restoration. Sharpening and adding form and detail.

It is not quite as clear and sharp while the HD and noise reduction capability of the Ai machine is so good, I can’t imagine how many repetitions or how accurate the smudge or pixel deletion and alignment it does to the photo. look back on the work of Ai above and be that hell of impressed. It is normal to feel shitty about it.

I am still working on it and hopefully accomplish what the Ai has done on the image. I apologize If I can color but can’t draw.

Happy Holidays to everyone. 🙂

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