Battle with the fungal infested sensor the final stand of my Nikon D80

Upon shooting again with the old D80 I decided to let it go the fungal is strong. I bombarded in tolerable amounts of light cleaned it hoping it lessens, but to no avail the end is for it to be repaired and cleaned but based on what I searched on the internet I saw marks left after cleaning the sensor, stains and stuff, so at the end of this post the D80 needs to retire.

I took photos with the pheonix 500mm for fun

Just like the fungus of the sensor it creeps
It is not noticeable sometimes but knowing it is there is irritating.
A game of pretend might solve the problem
White with worms of infestation

What if I do something underexposed with long exposures?



Reverse pentagram power


Violet light indigo blast


Power surge electric jolt

Fire bomb jutsu



Viola its gone…

At the end of the battle the fungus won and lets just pretend it disappeared…

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