Lazy Wednesday I Ran Out of Cash

I was counting my money and I owe the bank almost $1000 dollars. I only have less than a $100 in my pocket with low income cash flow, I decided to get serious with this blogging, from this day forward I will blog 500 words per post. I think that blogging rather than focusing on my photography is not a good idea but when it comes to getting your income right, you have to things like this. How can I open my studio? if I do not have enough income to sustain it.

Lets get into some psycadelic ramblings for now:

In my eyes I see hereos tons of them
Embeded in silver and metals
When will we take this to values more than a tree leaf
or the tree leaf really thus have more for it sustains

lets get into what light reflects
spectrums explored
being such, my ramblings mean not
you are to accept a bigger shock
like a rock to bind your love
or a rock and metal to bind your neck

earth is a good thing metals and paper
a wonderful thing, it limits and expands
contracts and expands
like a living being it exists
being experienced by the palms of our hands

Enough lousy poetry. lets talk now about photography. I used a Nikon SB5100 point and shoot on this one hand held and lazy. My title is about being lazy because it is really a lazy wednesday. I grabbed my camera as I count my money to pay for a drink and some tobacco. I was thinking I am getting poor but paying my bills is more responsible in todays world as the same or even more as getting a college degree. I remember the days when graduates who can’t find a job is being ridiculed for they cannot pay their bills, who can blame them? No one is hiring. The peoples of the world started to gauge success based on responsible spending and not getting into debt. I think it didn’t stick. That in mind, I wanted to put that in photography. How? I just took a photo and let my eye point me to where. being poor i guess makes a better message than showing my bill being paid. Does it make sense? I am just rambling. LMFAO.

Dirty money for it is dusty?

One day maybe I might produce a better shoot than scattering 1 peso coins on the table with zero lighting and a lousy flash metered to random perfection. Do you feel bored? I am now reaching the 500 mark number of words per article as of the moment. Do you feel the laziness and persistence mixing together just to reach that mark? I will show you a secret to success in photography. Buy a point and shoot and buy a proper full frame or APS -C sensor. Take photos everyday if you can and make it normal in your life. Explore humanity in ways that it will benifit yourself and others. Do not be intrusive in taking other peoples photos be in harmony.

A film making mantram is “If you enjoyed making the film, people will enjoy watching it. ” So do not be intrusive and irritate your subject just flow with it, set aside the know how for a while and the rules zen out and take photos. Rules and Exposure strategies is just light printing itself unto the sensor or film, it is not your job. Your job is to permit light to enter the sensor or film. You making that composition in partnership of light printing it makes the art.

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