Youtube 2010 – 2021

I ended officially using Youtube even for video hosting it is too unhealthy for my brain. So back to taking photos of random things. Do not look for a plot or story line. It will be just random.

Camera down….

CX900 Camera Zeiss Lens

Script into the trash bin…………..

Papunta sa kanya script majos belgica majos films

It is just wrong…

X symbol Marlboro lights Cigarette

Relax and see the beauty of nature….

Sunset Yellow Sunflower Street

Ohhh shit covid 19 still here, I better protect myself.

Alchohol Spray , Face mask Isopropyl Alchohol Alchohol Spray , Face mask

Lights Out///////////// Early Camera existing inside the house

Light bulb in green room

The end Youtube 2010 – 2021

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