I ‘Majos Belgica’ seriously stopped dating girls after 2012, when I realized that a woman has a fragile mind and labelling it as a ‘Relationship’ should be deleted in my vocabulary. In my mind the only thing that exists is pro-creation and marriage, a commitment to the gene pool. Hearing about Valentines day is like remembering that it was a tragedy. Saint Valentines. I do not put that much mind into my dating life, basic categories of dating are sexual relationships, social relationships, family alliance type of relationships (Asian thing) and marriage relationships. All of these are in distinct purpose in a man’s life, the word romantic relationship and love relationship are no longer in my vocabulary as a go to. It is either marriage or social.


So, for valentines I was thinking of buying some flowers and taking photos of it. I changed my mind I wanted to save money for the studio, so I decided to just take photos of the color red around the house. As simple as I do on this website. I just did that. My photography projects are stale and is going down. In all actuality I just do it for the goal of opening a 10,000 sq ft studio, transitioning back to film or sticking to still images would be a secure place for me in the future. taxes are nothing compared to a risky portfolio. I repeat that on every blog, so it gets reinforced in my brand. Taking photos of red things and mapping them on Gimp is so boring that posting this feels like throwing away an old pair of sneakers.

Here is a photo of a pig that is red in color. A pig can also have a Valentines day right? It’s a piggy bank made of plastic.

Here is a photo of a budding flower a very weird flower but it is red and so I took a photo.

if you do not like grain here is another version. 

Here is a old red can of Jhonny Walker, I just picked a spot and took a photo of it. Viola “200 years.” 

Now here is a heart shaped candle.

 Now my problem is how to make sense of all this non sense. My mind went to that place where I invent stupid ideas out of stupid trashy ideas and form a bigger trashy idea to publish on this website. A pessimists best talent.

My sister and mother decided to just buy food for Valentines day we ate some burgers from some in and out type joint named XYZ homies. I forgot the name of the burger place, but it does taste good. Moving forward we at the house with my aunties talked about retirement age and dating. We laughed about it and joked about it during dinner.

Basically that is it on the day of valentines. May Saint Valentines be in peace. I will post other stuff when I get active again. I will focus on portraits this year and so please bear with my content for it will suck till I finish setting up my little studio.

Happy valentines day though may your sexual relationship be responsible and enriching.

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