Glamour Photos I like on Shutterstock

Let’s explore Glamour photos from other photographers on Shutterstock to create an environment for this years shoots.


Months ago, I was planning to do a ‘Guess’ Brand shoot for 3 looks or stylings, so for this year, one brand in my mind is the ‘Guess’ brand with 35mm or 50mm Nikon primes. I am also planning to do 3 fake brand shoots for the price and comparing what is really the difference why fakes are not better than authentic clothes, is it the response of a model to the fabric or the subconscious impression of it being fake. I will not omit the reality that it is fake on shoot, so I will really straight forward tell the the brands are fake. Comparing the Authentic brands to towards the fake will give me 6 shoots, that will give me 6 more to produce. I am still thinking of what to shoot for portraits for the rest 6 as a ‘warm up’ year for portraits and glamour photography.



These picks might be a projection of what I like based on my mind and character and what will be produced by me or how it might look, or an atmosphere we can work on, these photos will give a sense of how I think and how it might come out after the year.


Glamour for me is just scarcity and longing. How can you be that exposed yet not touchable, like a high value person, a lustful fantasy or just plain “I don’t deserve it.” Yet in publication of such photos the observer can kind of taste what is hard to experience. A private jet trip to somewhere expensive is a perfect example of glamour that most people can’t do. 


Commercial glamour on the other shade of what is glamorous is what is desirable attainable with restraint, an example of glamour photography that is commercial is the advertisements we see on TV and internet it is attainable yet very temporary and held back for it creates fanaticism when in momentum and consistency. A taste of insanity in a package. “You can taste it but you cannot get addicted.” That is what commercial glamour photography means to me. 

Overall, these things sell glamour photography. A sense of longing and a taste of tempting delights. A perfect harmony of indulgence and discipline. Portrait photography on the top of it is a different story. I will talk about that next. 


A good portrait for me is of meaning, at that level finding and scouting subjects for it is a challenge, in a small level we can just accent what is present and make good of it. Portrait is honor, integrity and heritage, what does it represent? What is it about? Who is this person? Getting good at this style can get you published. Finding what is good is the challenging part of good portraits. finding what is best on a person already the best full of honor, integrity and heritage. Good luck on that, at that level I am not yet familiar.

So that is it for today, I will write about other things the next week. I do weekly posts. 


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