Yoga and Photography

8 limbs of Yoga and Photography


Hello, What is my ultimate goal in life? The answer to that is to perfect my dhyana samadhi in the ways of purposeful enlightenment. Why photography and not just be a monk inside a cave? The answer to that is how can enlightenment be experienced visually and auditory when it is not visual and audible for some but an experience. How can I translate the experience of samadhi to media. Another question arises from the question of why photography? My goal in life is to translate my experience of samadhi in film or imagery.


My samadhi experience is as simple as just being lucky with my pranayama. I was doing my pranayama work and when my body just jolted somewhere that made me feel bliss. It was partial not a full body experience but the reality of life became like the movies. The clouds smiled and the mountains near our village became something out of bollywood film, that experience made me want to show it in photographs and film making.It took me a couple of minutes to get back to my normal sense. Experiencing samadhi is priceless and I recommend people to experience it atleast once in a lifetime.


How to reach enlightenment? Enlightenment is just realization of the highest known, to me that is enlightenment, getting to a point of realization as a complete full absorption of thought and matter. A man realizing the full meaning of a topic or asking. That for me is enlightenment. Now how do we translate it to tradition it is simple Dhyana Samadhi completion. Samyama. It’s peak is enlightenment. It is easy to do. Methodology is to sit and meditate till you can fully reach a conclusion of its essence and meaning. Live like a sannyasi, walking the streets or sitting in meditation, it is hard at first but by time you just feel like a kid looking for answers in life. It is not that hard beggars do it all the time. Enlightenment is easy but mastery of what you know, can do and understand is what makes a difference.


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The big goal is to translate everything to imagery the experience, that is what I want to do on this website as a post but not as a mold for everything, there is a saying in chaos magick by Peter J Carroll “All is permitted and nothing is true.” the words applies to a healthy mind your enlightenment is not the highest of all for all is vast and all is permitted and the possibility of it not being true is always there for one thing in reality that is constant is change. Now putting time and skill in imaging has a dead line on how on our age of digital publishing can an experience be expressed? Light, shadow and subject the tools on this can be put on a sensor and on print.

From a chaos magician of the shadow path to a tantric disciple to a photographic enthusiast moving forward in time. What would be the future of information in images as translated. Let us enjoy the ride of the evolutionary truth of change and entropy.

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