Cleaning Time : Winter Time

I just fixed my Globe internet connection, it works fine now. Cleaning the studio is so boring that I decided to take some photos for fun.

Cleaning the floors makes me want to by some good smelling floor wax. Cleaning is a good habit that I have not yet developed in myself as a virtue. I clean my room and the studio I rent once or twice a month, this is not a good number. I should be cleaning the office studio more than 4 times a month as a decent base.


The past days I have been doing some video work due to lack of ideas about photography. I think I can do a commercial shoot for this recliner. I want to give back to it due to its comfortable cushion a sense of justice. I bought it cheap on Lazada and so far it is still doing a good job relaxing my body.


Seeing a video editor ad I decided to do some basic animation on blender. Moving meshes, simulating a door closing. with material from random photos I took. My computer is having a hard time to render with Cycles for videos and it works well on cycles with images.

Tang ina Baduy Amputa………

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