The Metaphysics of Acquisition

How do you acquire things or domains? Assets and property? It is a mental series of events. First a man desires to acquire and then it is mentally established inside the mind as possessed action. If not? it is mentally established as a construct of mind outside as to be possessed or to be taken. It all starts with the mind then action of mind, body and energy follows. The completion of this thought process is the metaphysics of acquisition.


Attachment causes man to preserve. Preservation is the maintaining of what is possessed or acquired. Attachment is the yogic term for acquisition. Having attachments is not evil for it is of Lord Visnu. Preserving it then becomes a task that a person or being must do. Attachment to evil things is veiled as preservation but it leads to destruction therefore entering the realm of Lord Shiva.


Attachment has many dimension but few of these I shall name.

Feeling dimension, the feeling of things is more vivid and felt when you are attached to certain things or persons, even property or asset. You start to feel what the object or person feels as the same as your emotion and limb. Losing an object creates emotional feeling and sometimes like love when you lose your possession or attachment you feel physical pain and emotional pain. These things are the symptoms of attachment.

Influence dimension. The dimension of influence is the product of attachment in time. If you are attached to something inside time and it grows further, then the feeling dimension evolves into perceiving the dimension of influence. A new car might be a good feeling on your part but the feeling it produces towards others is random and chaotic. Inside time the feeling of your not so new car has deeper purpose like using it for a vacation trip, or helping other people do certain tasks then this influence dimension is perceived. Note that the dimension of influence is only achieved when attachment is sustained in the realms of Lord Visnu. These dimensions of influence can create even realms of itself creating greater influence inside time as your attachment and sensitivity to its geometry and dimension grows. The ability of your attachment like love or relationships in time can influence other people due to its consistency and momentum. Love grows towards influence in time.

Memory dimension, the dimension of memory by attachment is one of the most common symptoms of attachment, most memories fade away fast but due to attachment or acquisition it creates more and more memories in feeling, influence and mind that memories are created within it. Those memories are stored inside objects or people that it is remembered and sometimes even celebrated. A memory with your car or let us say in my world my camera creates vivid recollections of things in the past and even sometimes can create future events. Attachment with objects and person is like a talisman or a lingam that holds the past and the future inside its domain. A magical perception of acquisition. It is mental and physical, and its symptoms are felt vividly by anyone with proper sense and a healthy brain.


The answer is proper Yoga, attachment. Love is the energy of Lord Visnu and therefore to acquire is to love. Love sustains and preserves even Lord Shivas love for Parvati and Sati sustained till today. A memory forever in the puranas vividly remembered. Even without the physical bodies of Lord Rudra their Metaphysical bodies remain. To acquire is to love, you can be anybody and have anything as long as love is there even a broken heart, or a failed man can love and sustain till the end being remembered in the metaphysical world as the man who never gave up. The attachment remains even after the physical shell dissolves. Like Jose Rizal a failure of a man executed, but a successful man in the metaphysical sense for his work remained true and relevant even after his death and was even hailed as a national hero of his country. To acquire is to Love.

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