PRESS: MahiYoshi マ痺よし Project Pulled. Due to name use. Sep 13, 2023

The hypno website project Mahiyoshi マ痺よし 2038 Visual audio scape portal is pulled due to name use. The project was supposed to be an AV and interactive website that stimulates the brainwaves to experience altered states of consciousness via stimulation using visual, audio and scripts. Using HTML, CSS, PHP and some java code, the project can create a digital environment where users can navigate and enjoy hypnosis like a game but without any points or end goal. The program is designed to make the user experience hypnosis using the computer and the browser, with the safety of the ‘Alarm clock’ trigger as a waking state command. The hypnosis or altered state induction is supposed to be a 20 minute full experience within the web pages of the website as a hypno-experience. The project was pulled due to the use of japanese or Nihongo as a brand name. The brand name had a similar sound to an important business man as Masayoshi Son Sama. As a show of respect to the Japanese people and their culture the Mahiyoshi project was pulled.

ゴメン なさあう. 

ゴメン なさあう 日本

Official statement release : Date 9/13/2023

Majos Belgica
Website Administrator

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